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What i alway wondered and should have asked him at the time when i had the chance was why did you take your hand off the throttle. Don't think that split second would have made much difference but you never know.

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Gen 1 aluminum frame if it is in as good of shape as the pictures look I'd start at 3,200.00. Expect 2700.00. BUT it is a gen 1 I honestly would only sell that if I needed the money. It's value if you can make it 100% stock again will only go up.

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Just wish they series came a bit farther east. Every round is at least 9 hrs or more from me. Would definatly go watch and race a few rounds.

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Dude was turning into a title threat on 250s. I'm sure he will do fine. 6-15th will be his high low. If he's having a really good day, cards fall his way a 4th or 5th can happen.

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Top end piston kit and gaskets, shipped 145.00

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Here's my thing. I feel like if you at least let them run a modded 150 with the 250's it could create a 2 tiered class like motogp did a few years back. It would allow privateers the ability to run a bike that wouldn't bankrupt them if it blew let alone ... more »

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Ill watch regardless. But I much prefer GL and his add ins. I don't want to just listen to them talk about themselves its boring like it's a damn biography. I like everyone intersecting and going on tangents.

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I would just like to see what it looks like with a some good body work and paint. Also curious if this shaggin wagons got some plush. Interior and line lights going around you know to set the mood.

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What I would suggest if i may would be a seller buyer score for the bazaar. Every now and then we get people screwing people. So this would help improve buyer awareness/ confidence. Especially when it come to some guys that are selling big money parts ... more »

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Damn got beat to it.

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Im surprised it's been 2 hrs and no one's asked what you got there on the left.

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Kind of odd i don't believe they changed the caliper or swingarm. You would think it would still fit.

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Truck and camper. That truck will still get better gas then the van and most importantly you will have the camper instead of the van. Even if it was a push in gas mileage it's still a win having the camper. I've done both campers the way to go.

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Call Ross over at enzo and ask him what he thinks about them. You'll get a earful! Lol

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Delete over post.

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Im the op of the thread. Yeah I love em as a spec tire. They are great performance but I just had a bad run I guess. The 2 sets in question barley made it 5 hrs before chunking and losing performance. Since then they have been lasting about 8 hrs before ... more »

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It was raining when i drove past the town 45 minutes ago. Yeah if the rain holds off tomorrow it should be great for Friday.

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With all te rain it looks like all the tracks in Illinois and leisure time are gonna be rained out. Leisure time and Lincoln trail are a maybe for Sat and Sunday.

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Great news!

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In terms of trying to grow our sport and lower the cost, it will never happen. I have been shopping for a 65cc for my youngest as he has decided he would like to try racing and the bike market right now is completely insane. I understand supply/demand and capitalism but dealers jacking prices up because of demand is exactly why our...more