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I love it just the way it is. Change nothing. The 450 class is stacked what 4-5 privateers have a chance at making it utherwise its all past champs or top 5 at some point 450 riders. The battling even though its it a bunch of privateers in the 250 class ... more »

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On RonRon. We had the hidden OG board. When we had a huge uptick in shithead users, spammers ECT. It was hidden away where no one else but those of us that were regulars could see it when we signed in. Made shit so much better. Basically our dumbgeon ... more »

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Exactly what I heard and said when it happened. And im pretty sure you like quite a few in the pits knew why it really happened. If hes in the top 3 in points and making less money I bet Hahn would have gotten the ax at the end of the season instead. ... more »

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Fan of both riders. Actually don't have a rider i dislike in any way shape or form. That said Webb doesn't win if Deano pulls over though. I get the last minute charge from Webb I get Webb has zero issues pulling a stuff and run. But ken already showed ... more »

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Stay for 2 more year. Let a couple 450 rides open up first.

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Hey it's racing it's not alway pretty, especially if your in it for a title. Was it a shitty move absolutely. Have I done that to make $25.00 more damn right I have. I would feel different if this was early in the race though. An hey at least he owned ... more »

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Still have that thor core gear set in the first photo. Might have to get another.

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Do you currently have a crank?

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MCR is a good shop, they know how to work with riders. They will know what you need better then anyone.

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Here's the questions you have to ask yourself to pick. Do you want a aluminum frame or steel frame which do you prefer. Another frame one I like is when sitting or standing on one which feels better for you gripping with your legs. And Would you like ... more »

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Also pretty cool to see mx-tech out here helping these guys out getting their bikes dialed in.

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I don't bitch about track design very often if ever. BUT who ever thought up of this one should be taken out back and beaten. I thought there would be some carnage but this was bad and easily could have been worse.

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How much. I might have a buyer for it if I don't take it.

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He looks smooth and in control for Barcia that is. Noticed a couple of moments through the main especially when Ken was behind them where the chassis of the suspension did something he wasn't expecting but even so overall for a first race on that bike ... more »

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Said the same!

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Miss the sound from these years before they started the sound limits.

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Always crank works in Tempe Arizona. Use to work there. We saw every type of failure daily and had to come up with fixes. If anyone has a fix to make it last between rebuilds it would be them. I'd give them a call.

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Love BJJ for training. it can be one low speed high intensity one day, low intensity low speed another and full on the next all while having a huge impact on your flexibility.

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Shorty ran the first "new" version of it some years back. Ran it it for a full year or 2 he did quite well on it to.