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This ought to go well. Who takes who out first....Coop on Barcia or Barcia on Coop?

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JS7 wins 25+ at Anaheim 1 amateur day....stamp it!!

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I have two of these levers and they both didn't fit. Same issue, the pushrod is too long and won't fit behind the bearing. ARC was of no help and basically told me to kick rocks.

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I would say there isn't much around Ocala for every day riding except the new Wildwood track which is supposed to be bad ass. Moving closer to Orlando is the new Central Florida Motorsports park which looks bad ass too. Orlando MX is now run by the Dyess ... more »

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I bought two pairs and thought I was just out of shape because I couldn't breathe. 100%'s were pushing down so hard on my nose they were preventing me from breathing. This was with a Bell Moto-9 Flex Carbon. I am an Eks Brand guy now.

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I just did the crank and bearings in my 2013. Should I have loctited that bolt? I watched the Rocky Mountain video and used the washer to lock the gear and tighten the bolt.

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I was new to MX and I was racing the Umbarger Classic at the Wabash Cannonball in Wabash, IN. Ryan and Gary Terlecki showed up to race the A classes and dash for cash. There was no one there that could touch Ryan. I want to say his national number was ... more »

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Old thread but it's cool and the right timing for me. I just received my Tom Morgan 295 big bore kit with his top end porting. I was in the process of getting the new crank in but had to stop for hurricane prep. I am hoping to have this thing up and ... more »

Dwood281 left a comment 9/4/2017 7:40 PM

still have the tech 10s?

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I have a set of size 11 Tech 10's in the new Torch Red LE color and they have been worn three times. They are in great condition but I need a size 10. $475

... more »
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When I got bumped to A back in 2001, a wise man from District 15 once told me......."I would rather be the last of the some body's than the first of the no body's."

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I have this kit on my 2013 YZ250 with a Galfer line and Galfer pads. It is 100% better than the Braking Batfly, Braking pads and Galfer line I had on my 450. I am amazed at how well this combo stops the bike.

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Anybody that has a name like Peter Peterson is inherently a dick. I mean, you have to have real asshole parents to name your kid that and those behaviors only get passed down.

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Fellow FSU alumni here. I rode with Josh and a few others in Tallahassee a few times. He's a good dude and I wish him the best! The moto scene there is cool but some of the moto people around are so cultured in MX that their social behavior/ skills can ... more »

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Good info! Thanks!

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I know what the sides look like and what the Cycra front number plate looks like. My question, will the 2016 front number plate mount to my 2013 or are they different? Are the shapes different? OEM only.

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Sorry to bump an old thread. I have just converted my 2013 YZ 250 to the 15+ airbox and rear number plates. I just ordered some preprinted backgrounds but chose them for a 2016 YZ 250. Will a 2016 front number plate bolt right on to my 2013 or do I need ... more »

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You should check out Downtown Lake Mary, Downtown Orlando and if you can, get to downtown New Smyrna Beach.

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I would say the RXgoggle guy is your best option. I always thought lasik was the end all be all until I started working for a vision company. There are a lot of times lasik would not help someones condition (high prism being the most common and bad astigmatism). ... more »

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Not really bluegrass but some good southern rock/ indi rock, you have to check out one of my favorites......Blackberry Smoke.