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So these riders all have Coopers now Cobb Webb? I came up with this just looking at the lap chart.

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Where was the wild card this week on Pulp? I couldn't find it. Did Marks get his programming credibility form one of those 6 week 7-Eeven courses?

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Do you mean he should trade the #51 for a new career #? I am confused.....doesn't he have the same ride.....just doing better than douchebag deuce? I have never been a fan of Webb because he has always had a cocky, arrogant attitude. He did well on a ... more »

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I run a 50:50 mix to avoid ethanol but the only ethanol free stuff we have around here is 89 octane. The C12 will essentially eliminate detonation. I recently had some head and cylinder work done so I am running straight C12 now because...why not?

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No shit..that's what I was going to do. Haha!!!

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How do I know if I mixed my gas and oil? I usually run a 50:50 mix of VP C12 and ethanol free pump and 927 at 32:1. I brew this up in my fuel jug leaving the rest of the VP (2 1/2 gallons) in the 5 gallon can for the next time I fill up. The chanceability ... more »

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Yeah, my dashboard won't load and it is still showing my picks from last night and asking me to save them. This should get worked out but I think it's safe to say the cashflow from this year has already been allocated to setting up a fool proof fantasy ... more »

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I love Blackberry Smoke! I always say these guys got me through my divorce alive. I have seen them in concert quite a few times and they always rock out! I call them indi/ southern/ classic rock. They aren't really country......15% country, 50% rock, ... more »

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Yep. YZ250 cast pistons are notorious for shattering on the intake side. Thanks to my stock piston grenading I was able to justify a full on Tom Morgan 295, new crank and bearings. Never again will I run a stock cast piston longer than starting it new ... more »

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I had this same dilemma on my 2013 YZ250. I don't mind the action of the factory cable clutch but I have a serious problem with how fast the clutch faded. In 3 laps i would be stalling everywhere. If the clutch started to fade and I got a little arm ... more »

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I don't think Pro Taper was making sprockets at that point. Some of the best years of my life as a teenager were watching this era of SX. Kids today don't know what they missed out on.

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I just bought it and watched it. If you saw the have seen the movie. Probably the worst $13 I have ever spent on iTunes. The sound was horrible like it was mixed in some kids Beats headphones on his double din MP3 player in his Honda civic. ... more »

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You know, this brings up a solid point. Do these gear manufacturers actually listen to what the consumer wants or do they have some ADHD graphic design guy partnered up with a marketing guy slamming out radical designs of gear for a new launch every ... more »

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Yeah, it’s a real bitch. I’m a lefty which made the process even more of a pain in the ass. Looking at my shift drum and forks I thought I had it all good to go but....I guess I don’t. I too followed the Motosport video but that video leaves out a lot

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This is the first time I have done a bottom end and after the second tear down, I realized I should have waited and made sure everything in the transmission was correct from the get go. Lesson learned.

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I grenaded the piston on my wheelie boy rescue YZ250 (2013). The piston pieces went all down in the crankcase and the rest is history. I replaced the main bearings, main seals and crank with all OEM parts. I had the cylinder punched out and ported and ... more »

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I am pretty partial to Toyotas. I am on my second Tacoma and it is great! The transmission could use a little work but I love this truck! I shopped for over a year before I made the decision on this truck and it came down to the diesel Colorado and the

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Trojan!?!? That track used to be horrible! When I think of favorite tracks I have ridden even in just Indiana, a Reads track never comes to mind.