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Tough call, i went with Plessinger because Osbornes coming off injury and also plessingers skill set with ruts and reading a track really seems very advanced. If the tracks desteoyed that dude just finds a way thru it.

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Anyone know of a quicker turn cam than the supplied one from husky? I put the black cam in but id like quicker yet

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According to sone If the suzuki had a red front fender it would handle better. Yzs too. Ktms too. Husky too. Kawi too.

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More aggressive throttle cam, odi rogue grips, faast rear brake return spring, -1 tooth on front sprocket Ride it! Oh and much less pressure than recommended im 230 and running 146lbs

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Bensalem PA 9500 obo clean title This engine swap eliminated the biggest issue with a porsche in general. The outrageous engine rebuild/maintenance costs. In its place is a massively cheap and easy to maintain small block chevy. Where the sky is the

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Lmao motocrossed reference!

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All the people interested but too far away at the higher prices its low enough to have it shipped now

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Literally like everyone knows and accepts the best 250f of that era was yamaha. Same engine till 2013 so making it faster isnt a secret. They had reliability down in 01 better than the other brands until maybe recently lol

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Damn thats really clean!!

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His dominating of mx1 only further cements how sandbaggerish staying down was...?

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Some serious detective work there!!

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Thats what happens when parts and bikes are updated advanced regulatory. Leave the bikes the same for 20 years like yamaha and prices can come down. Is that what you want?

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the single had a negative effect on how it handled....thats hilarious....totally threw off the weight balance so tippy in corners now!! oh man how do all the other guys with singles even make a corner!?

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My problem with it is this. If i roll a stop sign bet your ass their giving me my $110 ticket. If i dont pay my taxes, bet your ass irs is coming for me. If i go to the hospital bet your ass im getting a bill in the mail. Accident better have insurance ... more »

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It says make me an offer... Offer like 22 or 23 and go from there

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Etown would be such a waste of a national. Its an hr away from me and i wouldn't go to support that shithole for a national.

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Brand new 18 for 6k plus spring kit for forks at over 7k already. I think a 19 with the springs already and other updates would be my choice!

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