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So how about last nights triple crown racing? Three essentially riders tied for the lead battling to the final lap.

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2 less lappers, not sure I noticed.

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Ralph hes really positioned perfectly on his red honda to really set sail and position him self perfectly for the race win, by finishing in the perfect position ahead of his title combatants.

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I'm pretty sure i remember carmichael having the red plate quite often too. Im guessing it goes back even further than we realized.

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In very select circumstances perhaps. In every circumstance the first 2 hrs of a traditional format are for gate picks. Aka non points paying racing. Do i really care if a guy gets the 5th pick or the 6th? Or who gets 19th? 2 hrs of the 3 hr show are ... more »

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Id rather watch 3 hrs of racing that matters for points rather than 2hrs of gate pick racing and then 1 hr of points paying racing. The choice isnt even close.

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....because it works.

Added reply in a thread 19 rmz450 Judder spring removal? 2/20/2020 8:00 PM

And instantly enjoy a better more precise, more direct, and zero drag clutch feel.

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You can do better than 6400. Call delmarva powersports, tri county, and moto member. Youll have to drive a ways but potentially 500+ less from those dealers.

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I wouldn't do an exhaust. Brake caliper, revalve, removing judder springs, ecu, jgr head, any of those are wayyyy more noticeable then the exhaust for the money spent.

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If im going thru the trouble of making a list like that im ordering it online and having it delivered to my door, cheaper and quicker. If the dealer cant beat price, or speed, they dont serve a purpose. They're ONLY advantage would be convenience. By ... more »

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I can remember when four stroke mx bikes were carbed. Every bike used the same fcr keihins. Called local dealers asking for a pilot jet. Nobody had one. So you can defend dealers all you want making up how expensive stocking parts is. They cant even ... more »

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I agree. I also dont see how the hell a jersey and pants can cost $1-200 and offers nearly zero protection. Its literally just a fashion and comfort thing. And not wearing more protection is a cool guy thing. This whole sports very bizaare in so many ... more »

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Prayers for him. Musquins are some amazing people.

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Stop at budds, tomahawk, monster mountain, ncmp and whatever in Florida also. You could hit budds on the way down, monster mountain on the way down, hit florida, tomahawk on the way back up. I did something very similar years back and it was awesome. ... more »

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All of mine are in Texas

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Very well said. Agreed 100% the point about even ac falling back, its more than just fitness. Its getting to the point where your more in control while maintaining that pace becomes less on the edge.

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Get a ktm. Support those who are building it how you want it built!!

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If you rode as fast as you run your mouth in these threads, we'd be watching you race on Saturday nights.

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At least he was discussing the racing. Ralph isnt even discussing what's happening in front of him. Not even sure he knows thats what hes supposed to be doing. I couldn't even imagine what his blunder sheet would look like. "We're down here at Analanaheim" ... more »