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RC was in Sturgis riding his Harley

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Jlaw rides there quite a bit

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When they turn black they automatically quit working

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I liked seeing how excited he was to win the east/west shootout this year. Heelclickers and slapping the #1 plate on the last lap. Great to see such positive energy from a champ!

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Maybe we should riot.. get Al Sharpton in and burn down all the Stadiums and scorers towers.. that will teach them for sure!!

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Lincoln Nebraska has one I believe.. Abbot Sports Complex.. it is in the city

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And without Monster Energy Supercross would not be on TV and these guys wouldn't be getting paid anywhere close to what they are now. Nobody likes it but Monster Energy is probably one of the best things to come to this sport. It has taken it to more ... more »

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How does one participate in the Road to Supercross yet able to compete at Lorettas?

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I spent $4000 doing a 95 YZ 125.. couldn't get a person to look at it for 2K so it is still in my basement.

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I think Ralph does a great job.. every person who has ever called a race makes a mistake every now and then. Ralph has been around motorsports for a long long time and when people see or hear him on TV it gives whatever he is calling instant credibility. ... more »

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We could go back to the alternative.. dialing a 900 number for race results! Commercials pay for it to be on TV.. I remember having to wait weeks to watch the race and never live!! We are damn lucky that our shitty small sport has any TV coverage. You ... more »

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If you don't like it you will get your money back

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The PC bike never outshines the other teams and they have the longest history. Digging the Two Two bike but I'm a 90's guy

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About 4-5 years ago on little bikes he was in top 5 at Nationals.. AC and Webb were winning.. kid is fast

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The privateers do not get enough practice time so the factory and factory support guys doing press day and special riding have 30 laps in before they take to the track. The semi will give the sponsors some tv time for guys that wouldn't have gotten it ... more »

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AMA will not let it fly

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I was a vendor at LL's a couple of times and don't remember paying that much but I'm sure I did. There is business to be had at the large amateur races. You need to have a very very large presence or you will be lost in the crowd.

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Nationals will run you about a $1000 for the week without electricity.

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Notice in only says 250 SX West.. nothing about outdoors

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My Harley comes standard with heated grips.. love them lots!!!!