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Strong responses on this thread surprisingly. Now I gotta go see if muf mufflers actually exist lol.

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Any idea? I know it's all a circus act but I'm curious. I imagine FMF dumped him but what's the story? Making a video of him burning the FMF stuff is bold...

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Keep em coming DV!

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Ya, I'm in.

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Couldn't find any definitive information on their website or on here. Seems like there are a bunch of impersonator Facebook streams as well. Anyone have the real scoop on how to watch?

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My main issue is that Tomac didn't give Joey credit on the podium. Rubbed me wrong for some reason. He obviously got waved by so at least give the kid some credit. it could be debated all day long who would have won without the wave by but at the end ... more »

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Thanks guys I appreciate the suggestions. I figured only heavy water would fix it, and sounds like that's correct. I have water on the property just concerned about over taxing my well. May have to bite the bullet and rent a water truck.

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Hey guys, Finally made my dream come true and built a track on my property. Kinda modeled it after Zaca Station with the elevation changes. Problem is I live in California and we didn't get much rain this year so when the track builder started scooping

... more »

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I agree that it's on KTM for their product BUT a company should reward loyal customers, i.e. offer replacement or discount even if it's not their obligation. After all, what's the point of being loyal to a business if you get nothing in return? Sounds ... more »

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Yes. Hell yes.

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sounds like this might be the answer...
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The way I look at it, GuyB is trying to help out without specifically saying anything. If you look back, he has quickly said "No" to many riders that were posed. So look at the options that weren't knocked down and there's the possibilities.

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A shortcut to create a new JS7 thread?

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Still one of my favorite team graphics. Really clean looking bikes!

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What's the backstory here? What's this referring to?

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Food for thought, I bought a WR pipe for my YZ off eBay new in box. It is MUCH quieter due to stricter noise regulations for enduros. Not sure what bike you ride but that could be an option. I found that the aftermarket pipes, even the "quiet" ones aren't ... more »

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I was at LACR the day after A1 and they were out there riding. These guys are nuts! I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw them hucking those huge jumps. Sooo much talent and huevos required to do what they do. Hats off to them. Never seen sidecar ... more »

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Looking at the available seats for A1 and it seems like all the seats I normally shoot for aren't available. I highly doubt they are ALL sold out this early. Do they release additional seats when the tickets go on sale to the general public? Thanks in ... more »

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Seems sketchy to drill holes in a plastic subrame that supports all the weight and force, no?

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Something to think about. Reed did post a pic of a gun he had made which had the two two motosports logo on it. Didn't think much of it at the time, but it could indicate he's putting his own deal together again. He does love the cryptic messages after ... more »