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More than likely the car had a distributor plate meaning he borrowed it to show how cool he is

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I'm not sure what all the commotion is about? Does it really matter what he wears? Would he race any different if he showed up in shorts and flip flops? And unless you actually bought his suit why do you care? I can remember Hannah showing up at an awards ... more »

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FELD is about color.... GREEN , They might consider owning a team or 2 IF the rider attendance was so short they didn't have enough for the race program, since that isn't the case not gonna happen.

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There are several factors in this season . 1 As pointed out there are more young racers moving up than those retiring. 2 There are only so many quality rides available and they are looking at the whole overall picture Supercross & Outdoor National. ... more »

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Next you are going to complain about the speed limit? Rules are rules and that rule has been around for many years now.

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You want drama? Bring back Hannah & Howerton LOL

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I believe that 22 racers will be racing (sorry I couldn't help my self LOL )

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1st you would have to say what racer are you talking about? A local young racer would have different needs from a seasoned pro. Most seasoned pro's have a basic idea what is needed and then a little polish to get the job done. A amateur coach would need ... more »

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You need to look into R&D's throttle body he got some impressive gains.

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Check to see if you have spark when it cuts off.

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Probably the coolest moment was after the 1st moto at Hangtown National when Gary Ogden rode past Emler and some Suzuki brass stopped and shook my hand then gave me a ride back to the pits, oh yeah he finished 3rd in the moto.

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It needs to be replaced especially if you consider going to a big bore top end (more load on the motor) Simply put pay me now or really pay me latter.

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You will have a better chance with the OEM crank, while there are many horror stories about the different cranks out there and seems like quality control on those can be iffy you can't beat OEM.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS As they say down south may you get what you want for Christmas not what you deserve!

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You might try something like a sealant like 3BOND #3 that is thin and is used on cases that don't use gaskets. In a pinch you might try silicone seal also.

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I worked with Rich at Thor Racing back then and some engineers from Suzuki Japan stopped by and was looking at his swingarms and Rich asked What do you heat treat your swingarms to? They replied oh we don't heat treat them because they are heat treated ... more »

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Just watch Moto on the original ON ANY SUNDAY and the dirt track is pretty cool also.

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Just use ARMORALL, on it of course you will slide off the back of the bike but everyone will think you are good at doing stunts LOL J/K

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Call Ross at ENZO.

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You might try disconnecting the kill button.