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New thread I'm building a 700cc 2 Stroke 4/5/2021 8:29 AM

For years i've heard about the Maico 700, but i've never been able to find one to take for a spin. So me and my bike builder friend decided to build a 700cc beast for ourselves. I'm going to document the entire build process on YouTube. I just released ... more »

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New thread Is the CR500 the greatest Dirt Bike of all time? 2/24/2021 8:40 AM

I know this might start some furious debating, but what do you guys think - is the CR500 the greatest Dirt Bike of all time?! I made this video discussing the topic (which also features 3x world champion Dave Thorpe), and after looking at the history, ... more »

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New thread Best 125 Rdiers of All Time 1/6/2021 7:28 AM

Who's the best 125 rider of all time? and to make things more interesting let's exclude Bubba, cause that's cheating! Haha Let's see the best video clips from these riders as well if you have them! I put together this 125 action compilation of the best ... more »

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New thread What is it about FOX that makes them the Biggest brand in moto? 12/15/2020 7:58 AM

I think it's fair to say that Fox are the big boys of the moto world. Not many brands have transcended the sport like they have. I would personally say that they are the kings when it comes to gear and apparel. But what makes them so successful? How ... more »

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New thread Is the CR500 the only bike that could be competitive 20 years later? 12/8/2020 7:57 AM

So this season I've been following my friend Neville Bradshaw as he races a national MX1 championship here in the UK on his 22-year-old Honda CR500 and producing a documentary series telling his story. I've just released the final episode so check it ... more »

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New thread Japan vs Europe - 125 Battle 11/25/2020 8:23 AM

So what do you guys think? Who's winning the 125 game, Europe or Japan? Or should i say Europe vs Yamaha? KTM / Husky are quick but it's hard to beat the handling of the Yammy! What say you? YZ125 vs TC125

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New thread The Insane story of Cagiva MX Bikes! (The 'KTM' of the 1980's!) 9/22/2020 7:00 AM

I'm not going to lie, before a few weeks ago I didn't have any idea who or what Cagiva were! But I ran into a 1989 Cagiva WMX250 in the summer and I was instantly intrigued...I went home and did some research and jeez what a story! This little Italian ... more »

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New thread Who are the best Motocross Brothers in History? 9/16/2020 7:36 AM

So i recently made this video about two brothers going bar to bar 125 racing and it got me wondering about who the greatest pair of moto brothers are...what do you guys think? Obviously James and Malcolm have got to be near the top, but Christophe and ... more »

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New thread Ear Plugs for MX - Do we need them?! 8/20/2020 6:59 AM

So I recently bought some Ear Plugs to use when riding my Harley Davidson. I got the EarPeace motorsport plugs and on the packaging they say they are designed for use on road bikes, motor sports and Motocross....I've never thought about wearing ear plugs ... more »

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New thread The Bike that Killed the 2 Stroke! 8/6/2020 7:39 AM

So it's safe to say that today the motocross world is a 4 Stroke utopia. Back in the 90's though 2 Strokes firmly ruled the roost. However, the dirt bike scene was changed forever in 1998 when Yamaha released the YZ400f. It's easy to argue that this ... more »

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New thread Live YouTube show for Moto 7/21/2020 8:08 AM

Hey guys, I posted here a couple of weeks for our last episode of HangTime Live. We are streaming again tonight at 7pm UK time. This week we've got a special guest 2 Stroke expert so we'll be answering some tech questions and going in deep on the great ... more »

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