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You are right, not enough pasture to hold comment was mainly for effect!!! I had to google it, but they do have round bales in France, would have never figured that. Would have though it was square bails on nothing.

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if they do come out with an eStart.......................should be a good deal or two on kick start versions!!

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I bet he would be pissed if his daddy fenced in that part of the farm/track and ran cows on it. That is a cool track. Looks his family has a lot of land. He had ole Yeller wicked up pretty good!!

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This is one of the most entertaining threads I've read in along time and I a Yamaha guy!!! With that said, for all the good I've heard and being one of the old guys on here, I may need to to buy yellow just to see how they ride/handle. With that said, ... more »

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For sale Gaerne GX-1, size 10 like new, Black Worn two times. rode to check trail cameras for about 30 min. at the property I hunt. Road around my proporty for about 5 or 10 min and started by 250F a time or two. Never been on the track or wet. $195

... more »

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Thats crazy unreal!! I had no idea Trials bikes could boggie up a hill like that too.

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I don't have a clue what happend to my old pics. I have a few me on my CZ in Oklahoma where I grew up. Seems like I lost all my pics, High school years books etc to water damage. Hurricane when I moved to the Texas coast. Those pics sure brought back ... more »

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Amp Probes are cheap enough, thats thats the first thing I would do. Check amp draw.

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Only one thing wrong with Dogs...................they don't live long enough.

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I have two WiFi thermostats, that’s about as smart home as I get and I’ve been in process control industry for over 40 years. My swimming pool has an analog timer and that’s fine by me. After all these years I’m tech’d out.

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Sent you a PM. I have new in box never been worn Sidi X3, size 11. $315 shipped. Grey and White. Still have tags on them. Thanks Billy

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I'm very consistent.............I turn my AC on in my garage drink beer and stare at my 250F

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If it was Yellow I'd be all over it!!!

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Reading this thread is the most fun I had since the hogs ate my little brother!!

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If I put my wheels under my stand good chance my 250f would roll out the garage down the driveway and in the street!

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Not sure it was the worst one, but one I remember the most for some reason. Foot peg in the back, Big Red Motocross in Oklahoma City, 1973 or 74 can't remember, I was 17 or 18. We piled up big time going into turn two as I recall. It might have been ... more »

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Ethan454, No more than I get a chance to ride, my Tech 7 should last me a long time. They are comfortable.

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I've porked out starting about March like many others that have to work from home, cancled gym memberships etc. I have to get with the program. I've gain 20 pounds in the last year and a good bit of it in the last 4 months. I doubt I can get in my riding ... more »

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I looked at my service manual this morning and and it said the same thing about loosen fork cap before taking forks off. I should make copies of the service manual pages on fork seals, if not my service manual will end up will oil all over knowing me!!! ... more »

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I thought that was my garage for min, but its to clean. Just sayin!!!