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Added reply in a thread Main Event Moto ep125 listener questions 7/1/2019 7:25 PM

I don’t think you’re wrong. Some things just aren’t very good jokes.

Added reply in a thread Erzberg 6/7/2019 6:02 AM

I can’t find it again but I remember seeing an interview/post within the last year from Cody Webb where he stated that he only runs the manual Rekluse so who knows what these guys really do. We need Ccullins back in here to set everything straight.

Added reply in a thread mousse tubes. everyone? 6/1/2019 8:48 PM

Added reply in a thread mousse tubes. everyone? 6/1/2019 8:44 PM

This needs to be at the top of the responses. Finishing races and not wasting your time with unneeded problems at the track is 100% worth it. Installation isn’t that bad if you keep calm and have 5-6 good tire spoons for assistance. I don’t even have ... more »

Added reply in a thread Are these still a thing or was it just a fad? 2/6/2019 6:07 AM

I had one for a very short amount of time. First race (harescramble) it was not breathing, boiled the fuel, and eventually blew the hose out of the bottom of the tank. Really scary situation for a little bit and will never take that risk again.

Added reply in a thread Space for Handguards??? 1/28/2019 10:09 AM

Cycra makes this handlebar clamp mount that works really well with their wrap around guards. I’m not sure if it works for others but I’ve been really happy with them.

Added reply in a thread Space for Handguards??? 1/28/2019 8:15 AM

What kind of handguards are you using?

Added reply in a thread Ryan Dungey drawing . 12/8/2018 9:41 PM

So what’s the law if Bri gets permission from Cudby, but it’s not really Cudby’s, and then GuyB realizes it’s his and sues?

Added reply in a thread Fantasy Supercross 11/23/2018 5:28 PM

PulpMX Fantasy was a blast to play last year. The only downfall was that sometimes I was so caught up in my team that I couldn’t just enjoy the race up front!

Added reply in a thread Trevor Bollinger signed to Rockstar Husky (GNCC) 11/3/2018 11:09 AM

I just hope there will still be a bike this good looking in the GNCC pits next year. Definitely my favorite to look at.

Added reply in a thread Racer X Films: Millville Press Day 2018 7/20/2018 9:09 PM

Could they have been shortened/tamed down for the amateur racing during the week and then built up more for Saturday?

Added reply in a thread Eli Domination 7/13/2018 1:35 PM

I believe I recall this day. It was a thing of beauty and a clinic was put on for sure.

Added reply in a thread Alex Martin Move On Forkner 7/1/2018 6:54 PM

It just bums me out to see the opportunity for Forkner to make up huge points on Plessinger and Martin close it up even more. If Forker went home with 24ish more points, he’s not far off of Martin and potentially a 3 horse race. Oh well, still a lot ... more »

Added reply in a thread 450 class, embarassing. 5/26/2018 9:16 PM

Baggett’s talent level is bad? The guy passed Tomac and beat him heads up in the last 12 months. Just because Tomac is on another level right now doesn’t mean Blake is considered anything but extremely talented.

Added reply in a thread Nico Izzi getting in "race shape" for Nationals 5/21/2018 8:29 PM

Nico didn’t make Hangtown this weekend but did make it to a local race in Iowa. He was 2nd in the open pro class and I believe won +25 expert. He is still a lot of fun to watch ride and is as smooth as it gets out there. I hope the best for the guy.

Added a comment about feature Las Vegas - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 5/11/2018 1:50 PM

Who won a moto/overall last summer that wasn’t Marvin, Eli, Jason, or Blake? Bogle has proved that when he’s on, he can win and that holds a lot towards getting a ride I believe. Not many can say they have won. It’s crazy to think about and imagine what teams consider as well as how they ever decide.

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Added reply in a thread Red Fox National Enduro 4/20/2018 4:09 PM

It probably wasn’t quite as bad as Seattle. Duvall’s bike also smelled like it was pretty hot towards the end. Only difference being that he did more like 6 main events through the day.

Added reply in a thread Red Fox National Enduro 4/17/2018 7:38 AM

Mother Nature was definitely not the best to us this weekend. In the right conditions that place could have been a whole lot of fun. I hope to go back sometime and try it again.

Added reply in a thread Best Gear Bag? 4/9/2018 7:28 AM

I’ve used the same 2 of these for at least 6 years. At the end of the day, throw all the clean stuff in one, and dirty in another. When they get nasty, just hose them off and wipe off with a rag.