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The fact is the whoever in charge should have called a riders meeting to tell everyone to quit cutting the track. It started going on in the first motos, to me they made a shitty attempt on stopping it. So no they can't penalize anyone for it. Lappers ... more »

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Him and Mook are putting a team together, should be in at Daytona.

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It seems some give Bogle a hard time... what is there to not like about the guy though. He's just now coming off a list of injuries and concussions. Can't we all just be happy that he's back! The motos he won last year or year before were no fluke, if ... more »

Started new thread ISO 2015 ktm sx65 carb 7/30/2018 7:44 AM

Looking for nice perfectly working carb lmk if any of you guys have one, Thanks.

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I remember Will Smith wearing some axo..? Gt bmx pants in Men in Black also.

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Haha, nice catch! Looks like Dylan has got it going on, I'm sure they're all pumped on that weekend. I will note, My son and I stopped by the Star rig at Dallas this year, Dylan was such a cool guy, took probably 10 min of his time talking to the boy

... more »
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I think Bogle will beat him...

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If McGrath shows up to straight rhythm I'm making the trip from Texas. Also, has this guy slowed down any..? Dude is like what close to 50, and still throwing that bike around like he's 20. Fun to watch, oh and that manual down the step down was sporty ... more »

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Man that's a heater by Bam Bam huh..? If it wasn't for all the small tip overs, I feel like he'd be in the hunt already. Guy is fun to watch, hope he can pull it of this weekend.

Started new thread ISO 2015 ktm 65 parts 6/22/2018 9:41 AM

Looking for a stock silencer and possibly some other nic nacs... lmk if you got anything else that you're willing to shake, I may pick them up also.


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Awesome for both parties! Now go get that 1st 450 championship.

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Look at the competition... 5th isn't bad. I like Craig, hell I like all the riders. But let's be realistic, he has never had that out right speed like some have. He did just beat your last years champ though.

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Count me in.

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450: Marvin: will win, A1 is typically an easier track and he's got the momentum rolling. Kroc: will come out strong I think. I really don't think he would be putting himself out there like he has if he honestly thought he couldn't win. It really could ... more »

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Damn... I honestly felt like 2018 was going to be his year of possibly an sx win and a week in week out top 7 guy. His riding outdoors this past year was impressive and honestly thought he figured some things out. Sucks to here he won't be on the line ... more »

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I literally lol'd on this one. Good shit.

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Two very true and valid statements.