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13 and up for sure, they have a newer type clutch and is way more modern. If you can get a 16, go that route, it's a little more updated and has air forks. 14's and 15's are really good bikes, in 12 or 13 was the first year of the newer design. So it's ... more »

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I don't think anyone would question Adam's work ethic or ability by any means.. Just don't see the consistency out of him in the big boy class. At least not for a few years.

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My opinion, but I still think Plessinger should have grabbed the #8. AP8 to me just has a ring to it.

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Splendora is usually one of the rounds in District 20 and once in a blue moon Mr. Manshack will open it. Always enjoy it there! Recently Rio Bravo has shut down, but I could see it back open eventually... Cowboy Badlands shut down years ago I believe ... more »

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Being from Texas and have rode all the "best" tracks here.. Freestone, hands down the gnarliest track here also with the most space. I think the only downfall is, it's pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. SWAN is a great track, but to me it just ... more »

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I know a few things changed in 19 and was curious if a Monster can will still work? Making the trip to Arlington from Bmt in the a.m.!

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Honestly I can see what OP is talking about. Maybe not quite "burned out", but definitely not the same Roczen we've all seen. My opinion, but I think he was probably going to retire younger, 30 or under. This all could take a few years off that maybe. ... more »

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This. My son doesn't ride without his, they're Troy Lee I believe. Some of the best and cheapest safety to invest in I think.

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Josh freaking Grant please! Maybe not this fill in but damn, the guy should have a paid ride... He could come in and easily be a top 10 threat. I get he's been injured a lot, but quite a few others have also and they have rides. Idk maybe I'm just a

... more »
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I've looked and searched everywhere I know to look and still haven't came across how to get one. Any help? Would make an awesome birthday gift for my son!

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To me it was very aggressive but not dirty... but I will say maybe a bit early in the season for all that. After Daytona I get it, but the 2nd round... If it were me, I think I'd be a little more patient is all.

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All I have owned since my son started racing is ktm's and husky's. Now this is from 50's (don't count) to 85's... but has rode all brands. My son isn't some all out beast or whatever, but can definitely get around a track, compared to most his age. He ... more »

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Anderson Roczen Barcia Tomac Hill Musquin Wilson Savagy Reed Webb

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Digging with what you did with the front plate. Looks good dude.

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So sick.

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Well good on him, seems like he's enjoying himself. I guess I don't keep up with much of these type of races. Sounds like I should though! At the least maybe he'll do some select rounds, the guy can still rip and always been a pleasure to watch.

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Anyone heard anything on where he might land or is he hanging em' up? Hoping to see him line up at A1, great style and the gates are better with Josh on them!

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Hey guy's, just wanted to say I've purchased several jerseys from Digger with zero issues. Very top notch service, shipped immediately and all jerseys are in great shape! If looking for jerseys, I highly recommend giving him a shot.

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Anything on 180 decals? Getting two sets for my sons 65 and 85.