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Jakes doing good, kinda has bad luck once in awhile. I hope the rest of the series goes well

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I`m going to watch , should be great

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he`s just finally growing up . Better late than never

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Geez, He got 2cd in

Pretty good for his second outdoors race this year
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that track was knarly

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Wonder whats going to happen in the lites class

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ask the doctor today the same question and amazingly received the same advice as you guys. ultram it is(also don`t screw up that elbow,BOY)

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thanksI think i`ll just stick with the tylenol at work, I broke off the end of my elbow ,so its not as bad as its sounds . they just safety wired it back on. like in a one hour surgery.your allowed to move it. now the sore ribs and back are the real ... more »

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got a busted elbow a few weeks ago and was just wondering what painkilllers were best with work. climbing ladders and steep areas on homes are wicked on vicoden

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I was racing out at LACR and he was there. Man can that guy fly, But he appeared to have some bodyguard types with him. whats up with that?

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