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Enough sets left here at suppliers in Europe lol. Promised myself I would't spend any money on gear this year though.... already have a closet full of it.

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A quick google search shows me that he's the Communication Director at Monster. So yeah. I guess not a lot of people know that back story.

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They have breaks in the schedule because there are also races on the national level to be ridden. But I agree with you that this break was a little long.

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The acerbis side plates have the same shape as original so they should fit. I actually have acerbis sideplates on my '17 yz250f with the stock rear fender and they fit perfectly.

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So all the guys who finished behind him in the championship should quit too??

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Jace Owen did pretty well in qualifying. Curious to see if he can put a good race together.
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I also live in the Netherlands but honestly 240 euros is just too much for a gearset of a gear company trying to make it. My opinion. When you've built a name for yourself you can ask that kind of prices or bring out 1 cheaper gearline and 1 more expensive. ... more »

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"the Dunlops weren’t completely fresh like the Hoosiers were, but they weren’t roasted either." - Great experimental design. Lets go through all the trouble of a comparison video, and skip the part where you use brand new tires.

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Medium compression jersey was too tight for me. I could fit in it but I couldn't breathe properly. And the over jerseys are quite big so I chose size M because I didn't want it to be too sloppy. Also depends on your bodyprotector. I use a TLD UPV3900.

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I run primefit size M With seven I run a size L compression jersey and size M over jersey

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MX12. Traction is good with both but the MX12 makes it easier to lean the bike over.

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Should be no problem if it isn't a bearing surface or something. Just make sure you don't leave any loose metal chips behind. Maybe try to make the surface a little smoother.

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April fools?

Added reply in a thread What goggles do you prefer? 4/4/2019 1:04 PM It's the light sensitive lens. Sorry I made a mistake it's extruded instead of injection molded. But at least it's stronger then the regular stamped lens. ... more »

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Scott has injection molded lenses for them but you have to buy separate

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No that's the DRT Kawa's. Dixon Racing Team. Sanayei rides for them.

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Ferrandis is also a decent rider on a 450. You should watch last years Paris SX.

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Seems like he only delivers when he needs a new contract. He definitely has the speed in practice but putting a decent race together is something else.

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Alpinestars has the smartest visor attachment system IMO

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