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The plus side of the EMX250 is that it's not so expensive to run because there are less rounds. That's why it's such a great class. I get it you want a full starting gate in MX2 but that's not what would happen because they wouldn't be able to afford ... more »

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Yup, you're not supposed to do that especially with a 4 stroke. Really bad.

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Calvin's dad is a Dutchie. I think Coldenhoff's grandparents from his fathers side are from Indonesia or something like that or maybe it was even further back and it was his fathers grandparents. I don't remember exactly. But he is 100% Dutchie himself. ... more »

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I think he was actually just trying to jump straight but caught the ruts. Here it is haha Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram Er was eens een militair die ging crossen 🤣😂 Geschikt of Ongeschikt? Zeggen jullie het maar 🙈 #livingfortheweekend cameraman: @daveyjanssen Een bericht gedeeld door Living for the Weekend(@living_for_the_weekend__) op 16 Sep 2018 om 12:46 (PDT)

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Yeah well nothing is very far apart here if you take American standards. You can basically cross our whole country from north to south in 3 hours of driving.

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Team Estonia: Tanel Leok (suprise

) Harri Kullas Pritt Rätsep Not really sure who will ride which category. I think Leok -> MXGP, Kullas -> Open, Rätsep -> MX2. But not 100% sure. Could also be Kullas on the MX2 bike as he's quite ... more »
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YZ and put some cycra shrouds on them

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Brandan Leith?

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''with three rounds still to go, Honda HRC rider Tim Gajser has secured the 2020 MXGP Championship'' He has secured the 2020 championship already? Well, that's indeed quite an accomplishment.

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Don't their top athletes get a custom fitted helmet? I'd think it's pretty important that they feel comfortable with the gear they're wearing.

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Yup, and last year they had trouble with Paturel before the season even started. Tixier also didn't finish the season for them. It's starting to become clear who's the problem in this case.

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Michael, when do you expect to do the 250 shootout? sorry if I missed it

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Yeah, too bad the names of the riders on the team aren't even on the TeamNL hoodie. big fail

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Yup, bring it back. I need it in the dutch sand

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The problem with that is that they can give you exactly the bike they want and triple check everything etc. When you buy the bike they can't "prepare" it for you so that's obviously better.

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Calvin actually has a Dutch girlfriend and bought a house here. He said he wants to stay in The Netherlands even after his career is done. So I wouldn't say it's just because he is pissed at the federation.

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Why boring? Yeah you don't have big hillsides in lommel but what did you expect? There's enough going on. Even a simple straight away is cool to watch with those big holes. And yes, if you want to see everything what happens in the race you should have ... more »

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Yeah well, crossing the track on the downside of a jump is always a good idea

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Yea they also have some kind of strap so you can take the back off. They talk about it from 10:10 in the vital first look:

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Yup, I was at a shop yesterday and tried it on. It's really minimalistic and soooo comfy. I tried on the SB version which has a hard, yet really flexible back part. It also looks to vent pretty well. There are 2 different versions. The normal one and

... more »