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So it seems like they're riding in 2 groups?

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No, starts in 45 minutes. GMT+1 here in Holland EDIT: Sorry, I made a mistake. 250 starts in 10 mins.

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Qualification Times: SX2

SX1 ... more »
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To what? a livestream? I don't think there is one.

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I liked Alive better then this one. The braking is just bad. It immediately makes you turn 180 degrees.... and when you are standing still and use the clutch on the 450 it's just not possible to control.... The only thing from this game that i like better ... more »

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From what I've seen/heard they make good products. I'm from the Netherlands (where HGS is based and made) so a lot of people are running a HGS pipe here and I never really hear complaints. The price/quality ratio is pretty good.

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He was third in the championship in 2013 so he can definitely ride a dirtbike... I'm sure he will be in the top 5 of the championship again if he can stay fit for one whole season.

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I'm currently second division. My username is wideopen198 Go with the flow - 0:49.384 Tech Woes - 0:29.227 I don't play jam a lot. Most of the time i do versus.

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That's because they have a budget to hire young talented riders.... The difference is that yamaha isn't really concentrating on mx that much.

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oh the irony..... you got a avatar on here of a numberplate with the monster logo on it....

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I paid 60 euro per valve seat. (berillym) that's inclusive fitting and cutting. I don't know how the prices are in the US. Stock valves are fine.

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If you're only 130 lbs it's probably best to get a 125. You can never go wrong with a Japanese 125. Honda / Suzuki / Yamaha / Kawasaki they're all good bikes. They're reliable. If you want a fast race ready 125 you could go with a KTM or Husqvarna but ... more »

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Something like 3 weeks ago Roczen posted some photos on instagram of him signing a few hundred Dodge signature airbrakes so i think he still gets sponsored.

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I think we're lucky here in the Netherlands since we have Marc de Reuver commentating on Eurosport 2 and Joel Roelants on Motors TV. But believe me, I've been listening to muchhhh worse commentators then Malin over the years. Some didn't even know which ... more »