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Yeah I was also supposed to go test this bike at Boekel but just got an email which says the test is cancelled. unfortunately.

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Acerbis impact evo

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Yup just make sure your bike stands level and straight and then check the sight glass

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Just measure the length of 10 threads with a vernier caliper and divide it by 10. That's a pretty accurate way to determine the pitch. For some applications they will use a fine pitch because more threads means more contact surface (like the oil drain ... more »

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I had some stitching come loose in that same place where your strap came off. Sent a photo of it to Fox and had a new part in the mail within a week. Just shoot them an email and they'll take care of you through warranty. The cuff with that strap attached ... more »

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I have 2 sets of instincts and have had them for a few years and I haven't even worn through till the red. As long as you don't run razor sharp pegs they will last quite long. Stock honda or stock yamaha pegs no problem.

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Great stuff! He‘s not only a great engineer but he also knows how to explain things.

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The '10 crf250 is a solid bike. Not fast by any means but it's reliable.

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Hammerhead is the way to go. I'm from the Netherlands too and got one from Rocky mountain atv a while ago. Really hard to come by in Europe

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Never had any trouble with them getting my stuff to The Netherlands. Think I've bought stuff there at least a handful of times. Crazy cheap

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I use Twin Air GP skins. I normally get about 5 rides out of a filter. I just clean the skin after every ride.

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Nothing wrong with made in China. As long as it's engineered in Japan and as long as they have the right quality control.

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Scotch brite

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Every year there are. You can easily get a pair for 300 bucks if you're willing to wait for the right time.

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If you want it to be quiet, go for the Akrapovic or the cheaper HGS. I personally love that raspy tone of the stock exhaust on my 17 250f

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Nah, I’ll just wear a hole in my couch.

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The new Fox raceframe is the most comfortable chest protector I've ever worn and it's quite slim.

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Seems to me like nothing on paper = warranty until the doorstep. I don't know how this goes in America, things may be different there because people sue for the weirdest things, but here it definitely goes like that when you buy from someone who's not ... more »

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Try to be smooth. Stand up when you enter the corner and sit down in the rut. Try to keep your finger off the clutch and just navigate it through the rut with constant throttle. Don't be afraid to lean it over. If you don't you'll always pop out the ... more »

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Why cancel it for the corona virus? There are only a few people in the Netherlands who have it. Would say it's still pretty safe to travel here.