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Ferrandis is also a decent rider on a 450. You should watch last years Paris SX.

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Seems like he only delivers when he needs a new contract. He definitely has the speed in practice but putting a decent race together is something else.

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Alpinestars has the smartest visor attachment system IMO

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Looks like a honda crf. What year?

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Not wanting to bash anyone with this comment but I have been noticing less and less "tech" content in the Pit Bits. I used to come to see factory bike close-ups, details, technology but I feel like lately, this has been giving way to more practice/riding shots.

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Do you have the YZ250F 2014-2018 template?

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Different for every track.... Valkenswaard is open for practice every wednesday during summertime and has a few races every year. Lommel is open 6 days a week normally. I don't know about the other tracks because I'm not close to them.

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Yup, not necessary in a qualifying

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MSRP for a new YZ250F '19 is 8800 euros so that's about 10k dollar. I personally never buy new so I don't know if it's easy to get any discounts or something but don't expect too much. Most vans which fit a MX bike are Diesel and diesel vehicles are ... more »

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Honestly Amsterdam isn't the place to be if you want to ride a lot of MX. It's just one big tourist attraction. I wouldn't even want to live there. Also the cost of living there is really high. I guess you could kinda compare it with Cali in that way. ... more »

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Yes you are right the large comes with 35mm cheek pads. You can order 30mm cheek pads and put them in. It will fit. I had the same problem. I wear a medium Moto 9 Flex with 35mm cheek pads.

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podcasts suck

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new style yz shrouds are about the same shape

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Pretty much every regular engine oil which works with a wet clutch is ok. I'd choose a full synthetic oil. Personally I use Motul 300v right now and have used Putoline nano tech offroad 4 in the past with no problems. I like to put a high quality oil ... more »

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He has enough time to learn. Bobby Hewitt isn't the kind of guy who immediatily drops a rider when the results aren't there. As long as they see the potential it's all good.

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Which year CRF450RX? A brand new one? Then you're gonna need the spacer indeed. Note that a 250F normally has a 1.85'' wide rim and a 450F a 2.15'' rim. Might give some problems if you wanna put a wide tire on that 1.85'' rim. Washers aren't really the ... more »

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I read on facebook that he has been racing the AX series and things went so well he's gonna finish out the AX series and then go race supercross.

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no he won't because of the age limit rule. not sure where he was. according to his insta he was gonna be at the first east coast round.

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This is correct, a lubricated bolt will provide a higher clamping force per a given torque than a dry bolt will. That said, if a torque spec that is intended to be used with a dry bolt is used with a lubricated bolt, it can lead to a bolt tightened past its yield point (ie it's junk). This is...more