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If you can't connect the dots on why I refered to her this way instead of using her name, there's no use in trying to explain it to you. As for the rest of your input, it's your opinion and you're intitled to it.

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Thanks for toning it down, and thanks for providing your perspective. Do you really think I swung the axe on her without trying to determine why she thought is was okay to falsify an employees time card. She was caught with her hands still smoking, but ... more »

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Flick, I have no problem with your observations, and quite frankly appreciate you taking the time to offer your opinion. Believe me I bend the rules and compromise plenty of times for my employees, that's probably why I've got guys logging 20 plus years ... more »

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She didn't ask me to deliver it, she asked if was okay for two of my employees to take their personal vehicle and take it to her condo during their lunch break. She lives about 15 minutes from the office, and as I said before I thought they were going ... more »

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What, they been delivering furiture on their lunch break?

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You're right I should have, but I still have a business to run. Now they're writen up and makes the decision easy when it's time to let someone go. Jtom, to me it seemed to be more of a question than seeking advise.

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That's interesting, I sure that she's going to file and I'm going to protest as well. I know that falsifying your time card is grounds for immediate dismissal per our policy, but isn't clocking in/out other peoples time actually against the law?

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Don't remember how I thought of it, but was unique and somewhat moto related. Oddly enough my user name actually resembles a phonetic pronunciation of my last name. BTW I currently ride a cow-e and haven't owned a Yami since '86.

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You and me both, I am in constant awe of how they deal with this. It's pretty easy to see that when we're all together with our friends and kids that this is a father/mother, daughter relationship they'll never experience. But it's also easy to see that ... more »

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Scratch the dirt motoing, and go moto-H2o on some stand-ups. Get-off's aren't so hard on the body, and FOTW views are plentiful. FYI- looking at 113F next week, stay hydrated.

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I imagine that this bike problem have probably kept some of you gys up at night not knowing the out come, so here it is. Turns out to be the pipe, never been repacked since the day it left the show room floor. Burned clean, repacked now runs like a dream. ... more »

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I wear the EVS brand and fortunatley have never had to test it out, and after wearing it for years it's as natural as putting on my boots. To the OP, my opinion is you should start wearing one. The reason I say this is how I interpreted your post, it's ... more »

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Can't wait to see which after market company comes out with the modified playing card and clothes pin.

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The only remarkable thing about that list is it's simularities to the "Evolution of man Chart".

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Okay, good advise, sarcasm, and wise cracks, yep all the ingredients for the makings of a fine thread, and all apreciated. For what it's worth, the mechanic is legit as far as knowledge. Currently wrench's at a local shop, and is well regarded with the ... more »

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That's an excellent thought, thank you I'll tell him.

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At some point these clowns are going to push the buttons of someone who is not coping well with a personal tragedy, and the take the position of " got nothing more to lose".

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With all the theme based cruises that Carnival does, you'd think this would be right their alley. Have the balcony off your state room as a gun turret, and cruise the coast back and forth blasting away at high jackers.

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Sorry to hear about your loss scottie, nothing more heart wrentching than having to put down the family pet. I've also done the last watch, and the only comfort that I get from it is knowing the dog will no longer be in pain. My wife and I have put down ... more »