Added reply in a thread Yep, we made it just fine 4/14/2015 12:03 PM

With my brothers and I, if you called shot-gun it meant the seat behind Dad. Between driving and drinking a beer it was too difficult get the backhand slap all the way around. The passengers seat though.....Oh the humanity!

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Hold-up Outside, the guy has taken up pro-motocross as a profession, and doesn't even race, lives in a trailer. Cut him some slack man....

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I wonder what would happen if Genova ponied-up for Mike to do the A.Baker body and mind voo-doo experience. After watching his results with other riders I think it would be great for him. The only one that seems to be beating Mike these days is himself. ... more »

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Grieby, I think this is where you're losing bronwy. Reading her post I don't believe she fully grasps what it takes to keep a business solvent. Heck, it'd be great if just having to pay your employees was about the only expense a company had.

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This time of year in Phoenix, you want to be outside taking advantage of the weather. Most people don't show up until the gates drops.

Added reply in a thread the future of racing vision 1/8/2015 9:41 AM

Seems to me it'd be easier to make goggles that adapt to Google Glasses.

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When the wife and I went, I think I enjoyed renting a moped and touring around the most. Snorkeling at Lands End was pretty cool. I'm sure the weather should be fine for swimming this time of year. Go to the docks and look for one of the smaller charter ... more »

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Was with G-man on one of his day after SX trail rides near Sycamore Creek. Ride is generally a full day, and just so happens this particular year was a wet one, so the creek is flowing pretty well. Like any other ride everything starts off well, and ... more »

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Just wondering. Have you talked to the other kids parents? If they are as reasonable as you sound, maybe it could be dealt with, without the school involved.

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My friends and I used to go to this riding place that was wide open and not very well known, except for a number of diehards. We're out there one morning with about 5 other groups pitted around the area, just back from a quick run and something on my ... more »

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So you're saying sell your bike, then stick your fingers into and outlet?

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Anyone else think this girl looks like a modern day Mona Lisa?

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Reticulated foam comes in two different base compounds, ether and ester, and impossible to distinguish by sight. Break down will always occur in the ester base product, not the ether base.

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I can only imagine what the fall out would be if you were tooling down the road in your car and got t-boned by one of these kids. All the money you'd be out, and not a chance of recouping any of it.

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Reading over this thread, and looking at your current situation, $ and employment, It might be an idea to think out of the box some. Appears you're not up against the wall, so look at other purchasing options. Speaking for myself, I'd start networking ... more »

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Was in San Diego, in a rental on Pacific Beach three days into weeks long vacation for our 7th wedding anniversary. Just played Torre Pines the day before and whooped it that night. Like usual woke up early and went out to the living room, still a little ... more »

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I saw that a year or so ago, and if I remember correctly it was like $40k, and only available in Australia.

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My advise would be don't be a wood worker, become an artist of wood crafting. Your career skills have already put you way ahead of the game. With how small and inexpensive CNC equipment is becoming these days you could get up and running pretty quick. ... more »

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My guess is that the puppy got into something. I had a puppy about the same age and experienced the same problems. Caught him lapping up some anti-freeze. Double check to make sure everything is out of reach. Especially shoes, dog almost met his demise ... more »

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2008 or 09 can't remember, G-man v Super Rat.