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Sorry Euro's, the light flickered long enough, and now it's on full time. KR realized what we call the "American Dream" and is now living it. He's trading in his Lederhosen's for an old Ford pick-up and a "Joe Dirt" haircut.

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There's a web-site forum you should check out Tell you everything you need to know, and the regulars are really pretty helpful. They have a thread titled "Under Construction". People building a pool will take you through the process, ... more »

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Damn Kongols, keep asking those question and you'll have a volley of "your mudder" jokes being slung your way.

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If nothing else, it's reassuring to know that everyone would be safe at a national race if one these whack jobs tried to enter the pit area, through the gate.

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I've always been under the impression that those ditches weren't dug to be used as a photog pit, but to promote the chances of the driver wrecking, and the villagers getting to do doing some free picking at the yard sell. In response to Georgie: IMO, ... more »

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May he rest in peace. On another note, I thought the Coogan Law was established just for this type of thing. To protect child actors from the earnings being plundered by their parents, car givers or employer?

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About the only thing I'm not clear on is why was the mechanic being prevented from entering the pit area with his van in the first place?

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Having the right mold is very important, but the mold comes down to what you're expecting from it. The true trick is balancing between cost and functionality, and that all comes down to quantity. You'd be surprised how much easier it is buying plastic ... more »

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I think what you guys are missing here is that there's only one type plastic that is being used to make fenders , UV inhibited polyethylene. When in actuality there's numerous thermo forming material that could be used to make a fender, and of course ... more »

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I've always been the try and make something type of guy....hate shopping. One year came across the this old wall clock found in the garage, about 10 inch diameter, a cheezy battery operated one. Popped off the lens, removed the arms, then took out the ... more »

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"The artist formally known as Prince".........Wurd!

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Agreed Toolman, LBGT is not a's a preference.

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Anyone read the comments section at the bottom of the article? Amazing, that these are mostly stolen bikes isn't mentioned much at all.

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Personally I'd be more concerned of what a message like this could do to my business, more so than the BBB. A little surprised we haven't any counter point from TBT on here. From all the bad business threads that have popped-up on here it seems that ... more »

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Damn Gary, heard your weren't feeling well, but had no idea it was this bad. Hope you get feeling better soon.

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I've always wondered why these rigs weren't equipped with Lojack systems. Can't stop the thieves from stealing, but at least it could be tracked. Seems battery's, solar panels and some kind of tripping device would be pretty easy to hide in a rig.

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Sounds like something Confucius would say.

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Just about to start my sophomore in college, and had sometime to earn a few coins before going back to class. Ended up taking a position that I vowed I never to do, cold call phone solicitation. If that's not bad enough, the product I was interrupting ... more »

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Having never met Mr. Mirra, and dealing with a family member suicide myself I'm going to lean towards undiagnosed bi-polar.

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Johnny FB is as good as done. If anything I think Dallas is going to lobby hard for Kappernick (sp?) being he wants out of SF. Word is he wants to be picked by the Jets. Regardless, play action players like JohnnyFB, RGIII and Kappernick don't mesh well ... more »