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To the OP, not sure if this is for residential or commercial, but check with your state and local utility company on tax incentives on swapping out to energy efficient lights and switches.

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Dedicated Good Will patron and benefactor. The clothes are usually in pretty decent shape, and the price's can't be beat. Much like the OP, my wife picks up the occasional nifty new thing, and about the only other new thing I'll get is if I go to an ... more »

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Christmas 99', wife surprised me with a new CR250. All my friends were just getting back into riding again, but with the new bike I was a little ahead. So I'd go out solo on Saturday mornings. Not to the track but a river bottom on the west side of town. ... more »

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Can't wait to see the capabilities of an electric trials bike.

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I understand what both of you are saying and I appreciate it. TXD, your bullet point almost mirror the procedures at my company. But perhaps I didn't explain correctly the premise of my post. I not talking about preventative measures, I'm describing ... more »

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Looking to get some feed back from other business owners, and office workers. What I'm wondering is how you protect your intellectual property, primarily access to your computers. I do keep a physical log of all pass words to all computers and CNC equipment ... more »

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"exaculy"......Now that a word I need to add to my vocabulary! Used in a sentence-- "Feld, you failed once again.....exaculy!"

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For the limited miles you're showing, you might consider a drive away service.

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Track map @ +/- 1:00 mark. That step-up double after the bank looks pretty sketchy. Even cartoon-kawi rider comes up short.

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If you decide to go the way gabreilito has laid out, just make sure you ask for the "twin wall polycarbonate". The sheets generally come 24" wide, but available in up to 24ft. lengths. The fluting, or thickness of the material can go from 1/4" to 3/4", ... more »

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I keep seeing the picture of him crouching against that wall, and all I can think of is that one thread, "The Brilliance that is....Yamaboy!!!" I'd love to see what kind of photoshop work he could do with

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The manufacturer that makes euthanasia, specifically states their drug is forbidden to be used on humans. Seems to me though it wouldn't be that hard to duplicate to some degree. But you're right, that stuff works and I'm glad it does. Hard enough to ... more »

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Sorta odd, back on page two you were a asshat kid, servant to the owner, zero decision maker. You get a raise or something between pages? Now brokering deals at power lunches? Must be nice....

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I pretty much fit the profile of who you're wanting advise from. First, you may have helped ( considerably ) in making other people money, but there is so much more to keeping a business running than what you feel you did for the company. A lot more. ... more »

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Trump was right when he said that Mexico was going to pay for the wall being built. They'll be building it to keep Americans from flooding into Mexico looking for work.

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To add on to your expand the VA opinion, I've bounced around the thought that all medical school graduates should be required to do 3 months residency's at the VA. After that if they choose to stay, for up to a year, that their student loans are paid ... more »

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I think I'd go with 50-50 mix of hydrogen peroxide & H20. Drizzel it through, the foaming action will give you an idea if there's an infection or not.

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Sorry Euro's, the light flickered long enough, and now it's on full time. KR realized what we call the "American Dream" and is now living it. He's trading in his Lederhosen's for an old Ford pick-up and a "Joe Dirt" haircut.

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There's a web-site forum you should check out Tell you everything you need to know, and the regulars are really pretty helpful. They have a thread titled "Under Construction". People building a pool will take you through the process, ... more »