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Summer time, 4th of July, 16 years old. Out and about in my 78' convertible VDub checking out fireworks, and of course had my own. Me, my friend and both our our girl at the time were whooping-it-up drinking Boonesfarm wine or whatever that was going ... more »

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What I learned, or better yet watched, was not a race. I think a better depiction would be a challenge. Beside a few sprinkled moments, the only real racing was from the gate drop to the first turn. After that all it was, was riders challenging themselves ... more »

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...Red sky in morning Sailor's take warning!...

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I don't believe there will ever be peace in the region. I also don't believe the administration is as concerned with wars and bombings as they are with Iran enriching uranium to weapons grade, and delivery systems.

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"Honestly though freedom is so ambigious. Yeah USA probably has lower government interference compared to most countries with low taxes, fewer regulations etc. On the other hand in Sweden and many other countries you have access to free healtcare not ... more »

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Apply the Moto-Creed-O

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So why have a 40 man gate, when apparently all you need is 10?

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You sure the guy that called from the EPA, and is coming isn't the Envrionut? Kinda seems fishy. You'd think that you would receive the initial contact in writing from any Federal agency stating exactly what the issues are, and the violation they are ... more »

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The one thing you're over looking is how much the FedEx Cup Series gives back to the community. The past weekend for example was called the FedEx St. Jude invitational. Take a wild guess at how much money was made for and on behalf of the hospital. When ... more »

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Normally, a logical way going about expanding a business. But from what I've been reading, how'd you like to work for this tool? Being roasted on a moto forum is one thing, but the City, County, State and Feds don't care what your resume is, or who's ... more »

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Since saying goodbye to our friend last weekend, it's given me some time to think, reflect and appreciate of how true the statement is, "motorcycle friends are the best". We've all heard the cliche, "only the good die young", but I think it's safe to ... more »

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I'm sure I can't be the only one whose dogs have problems with fireworks. Usually we try and get out of town, but this year were not able too. What do you guys do to help keep your dogs calm during the neighborhood fireworks show? We're pretty much down ... more »

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Are you saying the business is throwing the metal shavings away, or into the dumpster for recycling? Couldn't even imagine how much money is involved with recycling a dumpster full of aluminum. I thought I did well on my glad bags full of cans. If he ... more »

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It's fairly easy to recognize the difference in platforms between NFL game day, and the cast of rejects known as Vital members. Besides, no one hear is making the same hourly wage as O'Neil, so the comparison is a little shaky. As for your transgressions ... more »

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Appears to me the standards of the Moto-Creedo might be a suitable action.

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The issue is it's not his platform to represent his personal beliefs or whatever injustices he feels that should be brought to this nations attention. He is on that field, at his work place to do one football, win games, and is rewarded ... more »

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If that bridge was to California, you'd be right. But I would be interested in hearing your explanation of the correlations between the two.

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Little Ironic with your concern of what's happening in the Gulf Of Oman, as opposed to what's happening in your own back yard.

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Here's an interesting poll question now that we've heard both sides of this case; If this case did end up in court with charges levied against the bike owner: ( speculating ) aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Would you rather; Trial by Judge? ... more »

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Would you mind my asking where are these bikes being manufactured/ assembled? No big deal to me, just curious.