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I agree, the service side is how you need to start and get known for being a reliable, reputable and knowledgeable business man. Just a couple weeks ago I was thinking how much I would enjoy someone coming over to my house and winterizing my jet ski's. ... more »

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Oh yeah G-man, know the story and have no desire to create my own. I just didn't know if you used them anymore. So, every time you leave your house you unplug it, or is it just when you're gone for longer durations time?

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Getting ready to put the jet ski's down for the season, and wanted to get some opinions on battery tenders. I'm able to set them up in the garage and keep a periodic eye on them, but wanted to know if anyone has a favorite type, or good experience with ... more »

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Great story, perfect ending, and well written. 10 - 10 - 10 my vote? Straight to the "Hall OF Fame"

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No, not anymore. Long story short. Worked in a family business growing up, and the plan was to take over the company upon my parents retirement. Folks decided it would do me some good to work for someone else for a while and see what it's being an employee, ... more »

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You took the words right out of my mouth. I was about Kyle age and in the same position of what am I going to do with my life. I was lucky enough that my cousin got me hooked up with a plumbing shop his friend owned. I've done plenty of home improvement ... more »

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Volunteer someplace. Or find someone you think that could use some help. You might find out that your problems really aren't all that bad. Most of all keep your mind moving, and your body too. Read plenty of your previous post, you seem like a like a ... more »

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Ride it like you stole it at a riot

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I not sure about the pirate thing, but wouldn't be surprised. To me what doesn't add-up is why they didn't right the boat to investigate some, maybe they did...I don't know. I realize searching for the boys was the top priority at the time, but maybe ... more »

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Hillbilly, if you could include, "shooting their mouth off", I'd say bunch of people here carry all the time.

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What do call a deer with no eye's....? ...No I deer. What do call a deer with no eye's and no legs....? ....still no I deer.

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Agreed, check for an in-line fuse that may have gone bad?

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Was there ever a GuyA ?

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Hmmm......for some reason I've been under the impression that OldFart was using the name Keyboardwarrior.

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Is that the "insiders" mission statement, or their oath when becoming one?

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Another window vote. Why don't you get some custom windows, 6"wide x 36" length or something along those lines. That way it'll only let two of the three elements in; air, light, criminal.

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With my brothers and I, if you called shot-gun it meant the seat behind Dad. Between driving and drinking a beer it was too difficult get the backhand slap all the way around. The passengers seat though.....Oh the humanity!

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Hold-up Outside, the guy has taken up pro-motocross as a profession, and doesn't even race, lives in a trailer. Cut him some slack man....

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I wonder what would happen if Genova ponied-up for Mike to do the A.Baker body and mind voo-doo experience. After watching his results with other riders I think it would be great for him. The only one that seems to be beating Mike these days is himself. ... more »

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Grieby, I think this is where you're losing bronwy. Reading her post I don't believe she fully grasps what it takes to keep a business solvent. Heck, it'd be great if just having to pay your employees was about the only expense a company had.