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Appears to me the standards of the Moto-Creedo might be a suitable action.

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The issue is it's not his platform to represent his personal beliefs or whatever injustices he feels that should be brought to this nations attention. He is on that field, at his work place to do one football, win games, and is rewarded ... more »

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If that bridge was to California, you'd be right. But I would be interested in hearing your explanation of the correlations between the two.

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Little Ironic with your concern of what's happening in the Gulf Of Oman, as opposed to what's happening in your own back yard.

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Here's an interesting poll question now that we've heard both sides of this case; If this case did end up in court with charges levied against the bike owner: ( speculating ) aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Would you rather; Trial by Judge? ... more »

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Would you mind my asking where are these bikes being manufactured/ assembled? No big deal to me, just curious.

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Does anyone else see it this way? The set of pictures on page one, with the mirror shot and the snow shot. Does the mirror shot look like the scar is on her right cheek, and the snow shot on her left cheek?

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"Handier than a shirt pocket"

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I assume you're referring to Prescott Az? If so, it's a tough real estate market around there right now. My bookkeeper just purchased a home there. Spent half a year searching, and every listing she came across was snatched-up with-in hours. She was ... more »

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Concur 100% with the in-home service. We've had to put down three and is the only my wife and I do it. In all cases the dogs have been relaxed, in their environment with the other dogs around. With how quickly the serum works, the whole thing is over ... more »

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The only effective way to shop for X-mas presents on a budget, is to shop through out the year. Take advantage of holiday offers, and buy one or two things at a time.

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Oh yeah, the most important tip of all. While on board especially, wash your hands frequently or carry around some kind of small hand sanitizer. My experience is most people that got sick, was from someone else that was already sick and crop duster their ... more »

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Here's a tip I haven't seen brought up, but learned after my first cruise. Once you've secured your room, go right to where they rent tuxedo's, and get fitted. It's like $35.00 for the week. It's respectful to dress up for the formal nights, plus look ... more »

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I'm an instant coffee type. But to Georgie's point, we have a coffee maker at out place down south that you scoop the full beans into. Grinds it into the paper filter then drip process's it all in the same machine. The Dunkin Doughnut brand, good stuff. ... more »

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Married 24 years, and never really thought about having separate accounts, assume it's probably because it's the same way both our parents were. I can't think of anything that I buy or she does that we haven't already discussed, or just the simple obligations ... more »

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In an odd way NBC Sports Gold has really worked well for me, even though I never subscribed to it. I have Direct TV, and have watch the 1st motos' all summer, and now that I'm not watching the 2nd motos' I'm actually out doing things that I like or should ... more »

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My wife and I were just a couple days into our anniversary vacation in a beach condo on Mission Bay, San Diego. Spent the previous day, September 10th playing Torrey Pines in La Jolla, and a night out on the town. The next morning as usual rolled out ... more »

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It can be done, because I've done it. Not proud of it, but it was many years ago when I was in college. Brother was doing two for ones on a a ten year stretch in a medium security prison. Day before I'd grind up the weed to a pretty fine consistency, ... more »

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There's forum called If you haven't already, check it out. Everything you need to know.

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Hard to believe Danny Chandler not mentioned.