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"Either swing from the kids nuts or you're a hater." FTE, Is that what you meant about BobbyM being ambidextrous?

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The only people I see in that group that are not directly involved in healing the sick are the "insurers".

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I understands oldfarts position on freight cost. Shipping cost in my industry will truly make the difference on making a profit or not. I think where oldfart is point is flawed, is the mom & pop's B&M store, and the online store are not on the ... more »

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2008 or 09 can't recall exactly. Was at SpeedWorld Az. lined up with in the vet class of about 20+ on the gate, one of which was a women that had been riding for years with her family and just started racing that year. The gate drops and the roar of ... more »

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You and your buddies ever stop think that those porta-johns actually belong to someone, and in fact may be their business and how they make a living? Have all the fun you want but if you have kick the crap out of anything, make sure it's yours.

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Like whats being stated above, everyone has their own idea of what a comfortable bed is. I've dealt and sold all sorts of bedding componets, Polyurethane, Visco, and Latex, and in my opinion latex is the best way to go. Not the latex beds you buy in ... more »

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All my life, just don't to do too much here in the des'. Started out in a 8ft. Sabot then a 21' Venture, and topped out with a 26' Clipper Marine. My current sail boat is a 16' TREK catamaran I keep down in Mexico. Don't the credentials like FLmxer, ... more »

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No, he's following the tard flow chart; Tard.....then.....Retard......then.....Vitard.

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Anyone have a status on N. Paluzzi? Went down in front of us, didn't look that bad. But the the longer the medics were assesing him, more medics arrived, at one point it seemed something was way wrong. Anyone have some news?

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Sorry guys, here's the rest. >>NOT

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For those of you who are are in the same boat as me with relatives, in-laws and eldery friends shunning technology, you might want to make sure they get this done. "Starting march 1st, 2013 the Treasury Department is requiring all Social Security, VA, ... more »

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Slow down Jeffro, you still have time. The Mayans didn't account for leap years in their predictions.

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Sounds to me like volunteering at something you believe in might do you some good. You can't put a price on helping someone who are unable to help themselves.

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This was in our local paper the other day, thought it was an interesting perspective. A few years after owning my own business, sorta how I was feeling too. “There was a time not long ago when one could get a good education, work hard, achieve success ... more »

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I don't know about that, but then again I don't know anything about the daily dynamics of your life. Personaly I wouldn't want to drive around town all day with all my gear. Besides you and your brother should keep the back of the shaggin wagon clear ... more »

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My vote would be, buy the Tundra then go buy a single axle trailer and pimp it out. Why pay for the extra fuel to to transport all your gear everywhere you go on your daily schedule. Loading and unloading all your stuff everyweekend would get old fast. ... more »

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"Open sesame" should only be used when talking to a hambuger bun. I was always under the impression it was "open says me"

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Good post Whip, chemical imbalance is a deadly and difficult condition to diagnose. My brother suffered from it for years, never could find that happy medium in life, it was either manic depression, or emence happiness. After a few breakdowns it was ... more »

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OMG!! they free'd Lenny again.....Cool!

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I'm pretty sure that's Lance Armstrong, and his new race bike.