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I deal with inventors and their ideas on a regular basis from the manufacturing side, and in regards to patents, your patent is only as good as the money you have to protect it. IMO, you'd be better served by researching, working and developing your ... more »

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"Year can't end soon enough"...Damn straight. Sorry to hear about this G-, animals are so tough too lose. Always leave you thinking if you could've done more. Had to put our dog down a couple months ago. Everything we tried didn't work with any sustainability. ... more »

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Two hole-in-ones on the links. 2017, 2018. Been inches away many times for #3.

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Huckn' gaps, and hacking emails on the fly.....double threat guys.

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More fittingly for this day and age, The Washington Rainbow Lollipops. The informs could be all white with rainbow colored helmets.

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This.....Maybe take a look at how many other people this may affect, instead of just you and your pal. Fortunately, morals are pretty easy to distinguish.

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Bookkeeper confirmed positive Monday, contracted it from her boyfriend, a DOC officer. Sent her home, and did a total wipe down of her office, and any where else she would pass though out the day. Whole new protocol established for remaining employees, ... more »

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Tell that to Kyle Larson. Wallace is a sup-par racer, on a sub-par racing team and is looking out for Bubba, and Bubba only. The story stinks from the top to its predictable conclusion.

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Since my other post at the beginning of this thread, we have invoiced more business in one month that I usually do in two. This mostly coming out of my plastic division. The C-store I mentioned earlier, we ended up outfitting all there stores in the ... more »

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A hand full of riders from the past and current millennium, and one 'possibly' from this century. Sorry, I was way off.

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What you just described is the epitome and tragedy of SX/MX, it's high risks for little reward. SX/MX is the bastard step child of what's regarded as elite sports. These title winners aren't recognized in major publications, invited to the White House ... more »

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I have DirecTV, don't do Netflix, or any of the streaming stuff. For whatever reason DirecTV has opened up premium channels, last week it was HBO, this week Starz. With my usual channel surfing, I would occasionally scroll and see what was playing. Sat ... more »

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35 kmh....aka.....21.5 mph

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Materials converter; Foam, Plastic, Rubber. Like Newman, pulled down some stunning number at the beginning of this quarter, tapered off some, but not too bad. Fortunately here in Az. we're not having the scare quite like Cali-Wa. & NY. We just got ... more »

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Here in Arizona we have an old Indian saying that's been past down through generations, "message boards are an escape from life, not part of it." Harry's spirit walks free now.

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Any other companies platformed on Magento? Besides cursing Adobe for the money grab, what other alternatives are you looking at? I get a lot of interest through my site but not much web-sales so I was hoping if I removed purchasing and had it rebuilt ... more »

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Over the holiday weekend had some upstanding local youths, while on their way to perform some act of good citizenship I'm sure, stop by my business to do donuts in my parking lot. Along with the spreading of good cheer they were also able to spread small ... more »

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"It's said that our economy is based on consumer spending." I agree with this, and is the reason that I'm not really seeing a recession looming on the horizon. 1929, I've only read about, but I remember 2008 and we have much better variations of foot ... more »

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Did plumbing for a while in the 90's at an old plumbing store in Scottsdale, Az. Your first photo reminds me of what the lead ingots looked like, and it appears that they are the molds to make four ingots at a time. The second photo looks like funnels ... more »

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Thanks Mike, Sounds like you have your hands full, but glad you're getting the results you hoped for. I assume that before you started using the CBD extracts, your dogs were on prescription medication? Do you give them meds + CBD's, or have you weened ... more »