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New thread ISO NEKEN air/spring CLAMP SET for 14 Crf 450 20mm 1/9/2021 2:08 PM

Looking for blue or black neken clamp setup for 14 crf450 20mm let me know if you have any. Thank you

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New thread Twisted engineering , flexx bars , or nekon 1/4/2021 12:26 AM

Looking to try the twisted engineering bars mainly but open to others if you have tried them seeing if any others have had any luck mainly riding motocross with them looking for any help bike wise to reduce my arm pump since I don’t have time to actually ... more »

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New thread Malcom Stewart’s Arma Energy rmz 250 12/10/2020 4:30 PM

Picked up Malcom Stewart’s arma energy rmz 250, bike was sold to a guy who worked at Suzuki a guy I know bought it put 15-20 hours max on it. The motor was fresh from pro circuit before previous owner bought it. Mods include Pro circuit mod motor , bike

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New thread ISO stock suspension for 2013 rmz 250 12/6/2020 6:36 AM

Looking for a set of fork , shock clamps and linkage for a 13 rmz 250 can be 450 stuff doesn’t matter just good shape nothing beat up. Thank you

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New thread 2006 rm 250 rc edition MAY TRADE FOR A FEW THINGS 8/10/2020 7:57 AM

2006 rm 250 rc edition bike Testing the waters will sell for asking price bike is all original from factory nothing has been touched. New as you can get let me know if you have any questions located in osgood Indiana $5500

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New thread ISO pipe and silencer for 2006 rm 250 8/7/2020 6:34 PM

ISO pro circuit , bills, scalvini or fmf works finish only let me know what you have. Thanks

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New thread 2020 tm 144mx 7.0 Original hours 7/27/2020 5:13 PM

2020 tm 144mx best bike I have ever owned bike flat rips feels like a 125 but with more bottom to mid without sacrificing any top. Bought new 4 months ago has 7.0 hours on it has 6 -15 minute Riding sessions at local track on it and I get arm pump in

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New thread ISO icat ibooster for 2005-2007 Cr 125 6/5/2020 11:18 AM

Looking for one of these let me know if you have any thank you

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New thread Deal found 2002 team ecc rm 125 5/28/2020 8:12 AM

2002 rm 125 it was a team ecc bike practice bike higher hours it looks like but has ama sticker yellow frame graphics setup and a few other indicators they want $2500 for it it’s too far away for me to drife there it’s in Wisconsin . As soon as I get ... more »

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New thread ISO low hour 125 $4k and below 5/15/2020 10:31 AM

Looking for a 125 for my brother years looking for 2004- rm125 , 2006- yz 125 , 04- kx125 , 05- cr125 and ktm 125

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New thread Who can build carbon silencers 5/2/2020 9:10 PM

Looking to get a carbon fiber silencer with old school stinger tip for my 2020 tm 144 . I contacted pro circuit and bills and they give me the run around say they can do it but don’t know when they can find time to do it.

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New thread ISO low hour 125 or 150 5/2/2020 9:08 PM

Looking for a clean modern yz or ktm 125 or 150 helping brother find a bike let me know what you have below 4200. Thank you

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New thread 125 all star races rules and eligibility questions 4/26/2020 12:02 PM

Picking up a 2020 tm 144mx and I was debating on trying to do some of the all star races . Question 1.) I remember Pingree and Albertson running the tm144mx in there but didn’t know if they allow it to joe blow. Question 2.) I heard 2020 is by invitation ... more »

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New thread 19 ktm 150sx technical touch , ohlins inserts, del saggio or Mx tech 4/19/2020 1:40 PM

About to buy a mint 19 ktm 150sx I don’t want to spend $3k for conevalves , any feedback I am out of shape pro level riding mainly Mx on ohlins inserts, del saggio spheres, technical touch sss setup likes dislikes etc any help would be appreciated

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New thread ISO 19-20 250f 4/9/2020 12:03 PM

Looking for a low hour mod 250f or all original live in south east Indiana within 6-8 hour driving distance

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New thread ISO ktm or husky 125/150 19-20 or mod 250f 4/7/2020 6:39 PM

I am looking for a mint mod 19-20 ktm or husky 125 or 150 or a 19-20 250f mod bike low hours but don’t want to spend 8-10k I am located in Indiana within driving distance if possible

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New thread Rg3 showa A kit fork , shock , clamps and haan wheel setup rm 4/3/2020 8:05 PM

Testing the waters Came off 2005 rm 250 Rg3 49mm showa a kit forks sent to Enzo setup for 175lb expert/pro outdoor Rg3 showa a kit shock same setup Pro circuit 49mm a kit clamps with steering tabs welded Wheel setup from fasterusa excel yellow rims,

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New thread 2005 rm 250 part out update 4/25 1/28/2020 6:04 PM

Testing the waters will only sell parts if I get the motor, suspension and wheels sold first then I will sell the rest of parts 2005 rm 250 less then 20 original hours Motor - Bottom end original perfect shape no up and down play $2000 complete motor

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New thread Riding 12/26/2019 7:13 PM

Me and my wife are wanting to to go down south to ride 1st week of January we like both track and trails have been to highland park and durhamtown plantation do you have any other good options we are from Indiana and want to stay in the 8-12 hour away ... more »

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New thread ISO 6d , shoei or fly racing size large helmet new 12/13/2019 4:58 PM

Looking for a new or Barely worn helmet to the listing above thank you

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