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Thanks for the feedback. TV costs more than gasoline in in So Cal.

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Does anyone here use HULU and watch NBC Sports for AMA Motocross or CBS Sports for GP Motocross without isuues? I'm swithcing providers from Dish. Thanks in advance.

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If I could still ride........

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They were too much for most riders in the past, which made for more injuries and lower sales. For most average riders (the majority) a 250F is more than enough.

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Had both knees done and the hamstring one healed faster, but what's left of the ham pulls easier now. Also, for me finding out the recommended PT routine in advance and practicing it before surgery made it much easier and smoother in recovery. Also, ... more »

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From the over watered slick as ice clay, then into the after over baked and hard as concrete. One of the coolest riders I saw there was Danny "Magoo" Chandler in the '79 250 support class. He had lines that were so fast.

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Thank you Guy B for a site to express freely and here's 🍻 to another 15 years.

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After five orthroscopic surgeries I quit riding so I could keep walking into retirement, not being a paid racer. Knee braces didn't prevent the hyperextension, and I wish that I had tried stem cell therapy before the full knee replacement. I don't have ... more »

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My first race at Cycle Haven, 125 beginner, in second in the whoops and I endoed. When I was trying to get up my dad was right there cheering me, "get up and go". I got 3-2 for second overall.

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Thanks for the link.

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I'm old, blind in one eye and can't see out of the other with a titanium knee. I checked my Dish San Diego No Co and can't find a preseason show on TV. Is there one?

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The two uphill triples, one right after the other was insane! Watcting Villalobos, first on thev250F to clear was special. The uphill/downhill hairpins were also very exciting passing opportunities.

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60% of the time, it works all of the time!

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Congrats to you Mr. Webb. Webb's riding and seek and destroy style the last 5 minutes in the mains. I'm now, like or not! :-) The outdoors have the potential to be very interesting this season.

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Webb is an amazing rider and the way he not only stalks and kills the competition, but even on bad days his last 5 laps are always at full charge. I just had a hard time getting over his piss poor jealous attitude of the Martin brothers when they were ... more »

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2003 MX 125cc Budds Creek Race James Stewart Dead Last to First or San Diego 2006 - James Stewart from Last to First. Just sayin'.

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Danny Chandler once rode a race with one bar end broken.

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I second the transition to swayed fan due giant heart and never quit riding!

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I wasn't a fan until the last two races and that man has a huge heart, plus fast! I don't know what race you were watching, but he just had some misfortunes that gets everyone racing.