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Reply to Are Ktm the best bikes? 4/27/2017 7:31 AM

250F? Yamaha! 450? pick a color EDIT. Although electric start would be nice.

Reply to For those of you who are SO SURE team tactics are in play 4/6/2017 11:29 AM

Personally I've always found this a chicken shit thing to do in ANY form of racing "team tactics". If RD finishes in 3rd place in ANY round then he deserves 3rd place points on that night like ANY other rider. Let everyone race as hard as they can and ... more »

Reply to Alleged thief shot to death after man spots stolen dirt bike being sold online 3/22/2017 8:38 AM

They all have VIN numbers.

Reply to Alleged thief shot to death after man spots stolen dirt bike being sold online 3/22/2017 4:52 AM

If you buy a bike without a title its your responsibility to make sure its not stolen.

Reply to Rekluse clutches 3/21/2017 5:07 AM

I have a Rekluse Core 3.0 in my yz250f. It's really awesome in tight woods and wet rocky hills. You wont regret it. I got mine from rockymountain for $800 after the RM bucks.

Reply to New/Used Bike. Opinions? 2/7/2017 6:18 AM

Pm sent. I'm a bit of a drive but I have a 2014 yz250f with a brand new Rekluse core 3.0 and full Yoshi exhaust and a ton of other aftermarket bolt ons plus the brand new original plastic and seat cover. Look it up on Cleveland craigslist. Red, white ... more »

Reply to Stewart Bro's (Not the same topics) 1/11/2017 6:42 AM

I believe the last time I saw a video of James on a 250 two smoke he commented how UNBELIEVABLY slow it was. I doubt he'll choose to ride an UNBELIEVABLY slow bike.

Reply to The cat is out the bag as if we didn't know 1/6/2017 11:10 AM

White/black has absolutely nothing to do with why people are so upset. Its the speed and talent that we are going to be deprived of that is so "upsetting". To watch James going out the way he is and to watch (or should I say not watch) Malcolm with his ... more »

Reply to 02 Yamaha yzf250 12/13/2016 7:43 AM

I believe there was "a little" issue with the cranks in '02. '03 the added a larger crank and auto decompression.

Reply to Stewarts: Matthes rumor mill 12/9/2016 5:28 AM

I know in the video he wasn't riding hard but it sure looked like that Yamaha suspension was WAY "plusher" than we usually see James on.

Reply to Rekluse? 6/1/2016 6:54 AM

My '14 YZ250F still has the same engine braking on down hills until the Rpm's get close to idle. To get engine braking back you just need to "blip" the throttle and the Rekluse is engaged again. I HATE riding on the roads but sometimes where we live ... more »

Reply to Stewarts Outdoors 5/17/2016 7:54 AM

He definitely looks a lot "fitter". Hope he does his fans proud and is there every weekend.

Reply to Stewarts Outdoors 5/11/2016 9:41 AM

Neither did Chad Reed. Neither did Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Trey Canard....If Malcolm doesn't podium 5 times it certainly could still be considered a very successful season.

Reply to Craigslist 125 Sadness (updated with even more sadness) 4/20/2016 9:44 AM

I sent you a pm about two that are in NW Pa.

Reply to For those who shop on Amazon (land use related) 4/14/2016 5:02 AM

Oh God......Please don't let this turn into "support your local dealer" thread.

Reply to Major negative of ReKluse Clutches 3/10/2016 9:18 AM

Wonder if Malcolm Stewart is going to have a rekluse after Daytona?

Reply to Let's see your white Yamahas 3/9/2016 6:24 AM

Reply to 14-16 yz450f what oil 3/4/2016 9:40 AM

Another Rotella guy. T-6

Reply to Stew back riding 2/18/2016 9:05 AM

To think JS7 "can't" is delusional. James looked like he put on a few pounds but he beat Dungey in the heat race and was leading Dungey in the main. Will he win this week? I doubt he will but to say he can't???????? This is still "James Stewart" on a ... more »

Reply to Craigslist Sale 2/5/2016 4:54 PM

Scam for sure. I get them all the time just like that. I can't believe they can't catch these scum.