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Reply to Tubeless 9/17/2019 6:26 AM

It does exactly what you're saying. It makes it a "little" harder for tire to fall down into the rim, so the last "pry" can be a bit tight but I have them in front and rear and I love them. Its awesome being able to run 5psi in the rear. You notice a ... more »

Reply to Northeast 24HR Challenge 7/18/2019 7:57 AM

I raced it the first year. It's A LOT tougher than it sounds. Make sure to hydrate. It's really not super technical but toward the end of the race the track gets REALLY rough. This is my bike right now. Hus. FX 350

Reply to Northeast 24HR Challenge 7/17/2019 10:55 AM

Same class.....Out of Towners See you there. Whats your bike and number? I'll stop in and say hi.

Reply to Northeast 24HR Challenge 7/17/2019 6:41 AM

Who's your team?

Reply to Levers 6/24/2019 8:33 PM

Husqvarna FX350. No, nothing else bent except it broke the tip off. That sounds WAY worse than it is. Lol

Reply to Show me your 350 woods weapons! 6/4/2019 6:57 AM

17 FX350. Rekluse 3.0 Core, FMF titanium, Rad Fan, skid plate, Tubliss front and rear, Tusk street legal kit. No steering damper (never rode a bike with one so I don't know what I'm missing lol).
Reply to How do you tie your bikes down? 6/2/2019 7:15 AM

Front wheel tucked in the right front corner of bed. Cinch strap from left foot peg to front left lower tie down in bed, then cinch strap from right foot peg to left rear lower tie down in bed. Barely any stress on suspension, no soft straps to mess ... more »

Reply to Justin Cooper podium interview 6/2/2019 7:05 AM

5 pages and not one person can post a link to said interview?

Reply to 18 vs 19 KTM 350SXF 5/30/2019 10:00 AM

Friend of mine just picked up an 18 FC350 for $68?? OTD. Can't beat that.

Reply to The Fastest Guy....not 3 5/6/2019 5:32 AM

Tomac got "Dungey'd".

Reply to How do you strap your bike in back of truck? 4/26/2019 10:45 AM

Yep! Best way to do one bike. Doesn't require you pull down hardly at all on the suspension.

Reply to Any bigger guys go from Yamaha to Husky? 4/24/2019 6:15 AM

I'm 6'2" 235. I went from a 14 YZ250F (which was an awesome bike) to a 2017 FX350 (which is an AWESOME bike). I really liked the yamaha aside from the front end in fast turns. Most of the time I jump on someone elses bike I feel very uncomfortable but ... more »

Reply to Ralph’s on air breaking news.. 4/15/2019 4:56 AM

I personally think he does a good job but nobody wants to bring up the breaking news about the "Rockstar KTM" team that he mentioned? I can't remember if it was Deano or Zach but it was one of them that now rides a Rockstar KTM.

Reply to Another stellar job by FIM and WADA 4/9/2019 10:16 AM

I still wish James would have came back for his first race with Chamillionaire "Riding Dirty" as his intro song. Place would have EXPLODED!

Reply to Right before you hit the dirt.... 3/19/2019 6:42 AM

Usually what I'm thinking is "How much $ this time?"

Reply to Spoke With My Savings Account (Spolier Alert - It's a 2 stroke) 3/12/2019 7:18 AM

Not positive about 2 strokes but I don't believe they went aluminum frame until 06 which would give you SSS suspension also.

Reply to Gotta say Ricky has proven me wrong 3/6/2019 8:07 AM

This is what Malcolm should be doing during his recovery.

Reply to 2019 Bike for old Fat Guy 3/4/2019 8:30 AM

I have a 17 FX 350 with a Core 3.0 rekluse. Perfect bike that is at no disadvantage at anything you want to do, moto, single track, road legal, hare scramble, etc.

Reply to 2019 Bike for old Fat Guy 3/4/2019 8:28 AM

DING DING DING DING. I LOVE mine. Best "do it all" bike produced. I even street legaled mine.

Reply to Interesting stat from last saturday’s race in Detroit 2/26/2019 7:25 AM

Monster energy cup is MUCH more high speed than a normal SX. The more direction change the closer a 250 will be.