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LOL! Sparticus is just pissed because he knows whoever it is that he favors is just going to be one position back now that James is on a bike he likes.

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Stewart will win at least one moto. That's my prediction. My other prediction is that Baggett will be in about 20th off the holeshot.

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I haven't read what others have said but being a parent myself I would sell your bike, blister your ass, and teach you some manners if you talked like that to me or about me. That's your father and maybe money is tight. If it's that important do some ... more »

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And who was it that did it then? After coming off an major knee surgery. No. It's not likely to happen but "possible"? Absolutely!

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I notice not ONE person will take that 75% win bet that someone offered. That says something about what people REALLY think about James chances. Lol

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There's no reason that James can't go 24-0 but it is unlikely with a healthy Dungey in the mix. If James gets a bad start (and from the looks of SX this season, it could happen) and Dungey is out front, it will be VERY hard for James to catch him. If ... more »

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James came off the couch and went 24-0. Some Anti-James fans seem to forget that too. I doubt he'll go 24-0 with a new bike and with Dungey there but I don't think Alessi has anything to do with James wins this year. In fact I'll bet Davi, Tyla, and, ... more »

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I agree too. He looks soooo much better on the Zuke. Hope he keeps the suspension on the "softer" side like it "looks" in the video.

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You're thinking dude. You'll probably have better luck asking there.

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Yep!! You're a bright one. James F-ing Stewart will be lucky to finish on the podium. There's a LOT of stupid posts but this has to be a podium contender.

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Good God! James has been saying ALL along that he was racing the Outdoors. Do you guys even watch this sport or just listen to what people say on message boards? Show me a statement from James saying that he wasn't racing Outdoors.

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The first thing that needs to happen before 24-0 is not starting in the back 1/4 of the pack. Sure hope he's there, I want to see him at High Point.

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Could someone please show me where James said he wasn't racing the Outdoors. He's pretty much promised his fans that he would be there (if physically possible). He is healthy, he MIGHT need to find a ride but for James that is not going to be a big deal. ... more »

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It would be cool if they could have an arrow pointing down and staying with about the top 4 or 5 guys on the start like in NASCAR too. Sometimes its hard to tell who is who rocketing down the start stretch. I'm not going to bitch about anything though ... more »

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He's seems to speak highly of Regal. Does Kyle have anythiing signed for the outdoors?

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He seemed very frustrated at the beginning. It looked like he spent a lot of the race shaking his head.

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Then nobody should have been able to slow their "momentum" then right? Your logic is a mystery to me. Why could all the other riders OBEY the rules. Who do you think he is RC? Do you think the AMA is afraid if they "penalize" him he'll threaten to quite? ... more »

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And since when do we "rebore" the head.

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He's going to be tough,no doubt.