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What crank setup / combination did your end up going with on your 1988 CR250? I'm rebuilding an 88 and struggling with what route to go.

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I know this is an old thread but curious about the details on this conversion. My little 83 one-hunny's crank went out so I was wanting to bring her back to life as a 175. Any help is appreciated. I have found on ebay a 83 it175 cylinder head. I've heard ... more »

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My favorite is the new Trinity Gear. Its a more "fitted" gear.

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I know a 52 year old kid that likes this same

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Finally found me one after a lengthy search. First ride this past weekend was

Looking forward to a few upgrades from this post. ... more »
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My new 35 year old #freshie

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14th for Heath Harrison after switching back to a privateer KTM....

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#forsale Awesome Vet Friendly Bike 2013 RMZ 250 with a cylinder works 270cc big bore kit with hot cams. Race or Trail ready with lots of extras including Yoshi exhaust and Excel A60 wheels. $2,800 OBO also have new stock cylinder, cams, and top end if

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Hey Dave, Not sure when S7VEN showed up on the seen with it but AXO showed up on the scene with compression stuff in 2009 when I was wearing it. AXO never marketed it properly ot it may just have been a few years ahead of its time. PS. I still wear the

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My #freshwhip for 2017.

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Liked a bike check Suzuki RM-Z 450 92 retro 7/23/2016 5:11 AM
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Was always a big "Stingray" fan back in the day and now a Christian Craig fan as well. Here is an interview from a few years ago.

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Kind of like most vet guys our age, I had to give up running several years ago because of a crushed Talus (ankle bone). So I took up rowing with a Concept 2 rower and mix it up with cycling. Oh and try to limit the intake of Coors lights between February ... more »

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I am with you Robert worked out well for guys like us. Best of luck this year. Hope to see at the Winter Series next month for a few rounds and then at Daytona. Merry Christmas to you.

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I've got a couple seasons on a 270 kit that was installed on my 2013 rmz250. It's a cylinder works kit with stage 1 hot cams. Perfect bike for an average vet rider like myself. The bottom end is OEM and that's all I go back with. A good rule of thumb ... more »

Added reply in a thread 98 KX125 11/2/2015 5:50 PM Couple good links here. Best of luck.

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Full results from Saturday:

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Reduced to $3,350 OBO - Needs to go.