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New thread Craigslist two stroke cobb jobbery of the day? 7/9/2020 7:20 AM

Maybe not so bad?

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Reply to Honda Cr 400 7/8/2020 12:30 PM

If it were mine, I would scrub all mention of polaris. As far as I know it is a japanese made Fuji cylinder....

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mo power

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I was wondering what the actual displacement would be, thinking the CR would have a considerably shorter stroke, but it doesn't. it is actually 2mm longer than polaris 400 (which is actually 387cc)

Reply to Honda Cr 400 7/8/2020 7:32 AM

interesting frankenstein machine. I wonder how much work was required to mate the fuji (polaris) cylinder to the honda lower end


Almost nothing surprises me anymore. While government at virtually all levels turns a blind eye to rampant rioting, looting, destruction of property, a dude sits in jail because government has essentially got a hardon for his decades old dirtbike track. ... more »

Reply to Upstate New York riding? 6/26/2020 8:46 PM

Living in the Fort Drum area, you should seriously be looking at Facebook marketplace and craigslist for some summer snowmobile is going to be a long, long (long) winter. do yourself a solid and get a bad ass sled

Reply to Kawasaki 7 New Offroad Models 2021 6/22/2020 7:39 AM

I think you are right....but that furthers my point. Yamaha apparently had to bump their pitbike deal up to a 110 to compete. why 110?

Reply to Kawasaki 7 New Offroad Models 2021 6/22/2020 7:18 AM

If Suzuki wanted to come back from the dead, they would come up with a 300 two stroke and a 350 four stroke. It would save their off road line and launch them into instant hero status. Instead , I bet Suzuki is working on a new 230cc useless pig and ... more »

Reply to Kawasaki 7 New Offroad Models 2021 6/22/2020 7:14 AM

Slightly off topic, but the above pictures of useless campground bikes (230cc air cooled pigs) and further proof of my point that the Japanese simply follow each other and truthfully don't care about what the rider wants. In fact, the big four japanese ... more »

Reply to 2 Bikes stolen in Wichita Kansas last night! 6/22/2020 7:07 AM

Sorry to hear this, but EVERY time there is a big of road race in my area , bikes are stolen from motels. EVERY time. The word needs to get out, hauling bikes to a motel is no longer an option, anywhere. As we can all see, our society is breaking down. ... more »

Reply to Lastest Gen YZ 250F/ 450F GYTR Tall Seat question 6/18/2020 7:24 AM

I rode a 19 YZ450F the other day for the first time and I would have sworn the subframe had ben cut down and the seat shaved. awful cramped compared to previous generation bike

Reply to Spoke with my...oh to hell with that....I picked up a double 450 yesterday 6/18/2020 7:21 AM

Once you get used to taking your streetbike anywhere you want in total comfort, as opposed to putting back and forth to the bar with your feet sticking way out in front of you , I bet the Hardley will be for sale. ADV bikes are great, even if you never

... more »
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$. nice!

Reply to Kawasaki 7 New Offroad Models 2021 6/2/2020 5:40 PM

god I hope we are not looking at another warmed over 1994 model a la the exciting "new" KLX300

Reply to How can(could) the Japanese manufacturers just hand over the market to KTM? 5/29/2020 6:52 PM

I had been asking myself this same question for several years , but lately I just dont care what they do. These are companies who are going to continue playing their little game of follow the leader while KTM and other euro brands take off. screw 'em. ... more »

Reply to Ryan Hughes Podcast about Life Changing Events 5/19/2020 6:36 PM

This is an interesting and unexpected topic on a motocross board

Reply to Classic Motocross Review: 1987 Kawasaki KX250 5/19/2020 6:33 PM

I have been enjoying the classic content, I even watched the 1986 Dirtwheels magazine review...I have that one along with a whole lot of others from the golden age of ATV's, 1981-1988ish

Reply to Spoke with my wallet - carbureted two stroke edition. 3/6/2020 6:26 PM

saw quite a few Betas at the GNCC two weeks ago. looking good! Nice to see the euro manufacturers picking up the slack and doing the work that the mainstream japanese manufacturers just won't do...

Reply to Budds Creek law suit 3/5/2020 9:58 AM

This just happened a few weeks ago and already the insurance company is filing suit? doubt it. probably the family and greedy ambulance chaser looking to get some money out of this unfortunate deal