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Reply to what is a good 450 years 06-09 2/20/2020 3:24 PM

The 09 KX450F is superior to a several 2020 model 450's in my book, awesome bike

Reply to Brand new 2018 YZ450 for $6700 or a brand new 2020 YZ450 for $9300? 2/18/2020 10:06 AM

or just wait sixteen or seventeen months for a 22. why not

Reply to ANYone MISSING a 2018-2019 YZ 65? Calling MICHIGAN people!!! 12/30/2019 7:03 AM

a fair number of numbnuts out there will use pictures of the bike that were taken when it was new when selling it, 1.5 years and 200 hours run time later. that's a possibility here

Reply to My latest Classic Steel is on the 1986 Honda ATC250R 12/17/2019 9:57 AM

There are no 87 250R's to find.They may have mocked some up for very early 87 advertising in some markets but there never was a production run of them. the white 250R's in the pic are white 85/86 models.

Reply to This is not a "Scrub"... 12/15/2019 3:55 PM

I wish I could get this as the "supernatural' fox poster again...

Reply to Posting another brand new crated 2007 Honda CR250 for any collectors 11/26/2019 4:00 PM

LOL My how times have changed. . 20K CDN for a bike that they could not give away for a good while. Let me share some true two stroke stories here circa 2006. In 2006, overstock two strokes were apparently piling up and nearly worthless. Unwanted two ... more »

Reply to The History of Honda's XR500R and XR600 from 1979-2000 11/25/2019 9:09 AM

love it

Reply to “The Game Changers” movie and plant based diet performance benefits for MX. 11/23/2019 9:45 AM

I just watched that the other day. I did not strongly doubt any of the claims made in the movie, and it seemed like good news to me since I have always eaten a near veggie diet just by choice. it did strike me as more of a vegan propaganda piece though ... more »

Reply to America Wins Men's and Women's ISDE - International Six Days Enduro, Media and Forums don't notice. 11/17/2019 9:48 AM

exactly. At the few fast WESS rounds, Garcia looked like Tomac riding around in a group of B riders. Hard enduro is a totally different game, and WESS is mostly just that

Reply to The History Of Honda's Z50 Mini Trail 10/29/2019 12:38 PM

These little bikes had a ton of personality right up to 1999....i doubt anyone will ever be collecting XR/ CRF50's....

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Reply to This is a thing? Drag strip CRF450R - Local CL find of the day 10/15/2019 8:46 PM

stupid. sadly, lowered 450's with street tires are not that rare on craigslist. we have very very few places to ride off road these days, but we sure have a shit ton of paved there ya go. sad, pathetic wave of the future

Reply to How to make yz250fx forks stiff for mx tracks 9/30/2019 9:23 AM

FX forks can do fine on a moto track with clicker adjustments and a little more oil to fight bottoming. try 15ml more oil to start

Reply to Eaasy '18+ YZ450F question 9/26/2019 6:26 AM

Yea, fuel pumps are apparently not interchangeable . that sucks

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Reply to Matthes and I debate the 10 best-looking Kawasakis of all time. 9/25/2019 12:26 PM

I had one of these in 94 when I was 19. I rode it until it was just a pile of worn out, bent and beaten parts. Rode the hell out of it on a daily basis. Good times

Reply to 2020 YZ250F or KTM 350 SX-F for Vet Rider 9/23/2019 10:20 AM

This may get you the user friendly roll on power of a small bore, but you will still have the weight, and worse yet the PERCEIVED weight of the 450...feels like a piglet and no turny turn as compared to smaller bore bikes.

Reply to Thinking of a 350, change my mind. 9/5/2019 7:36 AM

also, in my short demo ride, I really think it was not possible to get a good feel for the advantages of the 350. The disadvantage of lacking low end grunt as compared to the 450 is immediately noticed, but the true advantages would have taken me a bit ... more »

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I rode most of the 19 KTM's briefly at a demo event this spring. I was most comfortable on the 450 because I have ridden 450's almost exclusively for 10 years . I was most curious about the 350, though. The main thing you will immediately notice is that ... more »