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It's almost like someone should get all the a kits together and have a shootout. It would be even better if they were a well spoken test rider who has done an excellent job of testing and articulating feedback on bike test these past years. Then they ... more »

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They were not magical at first though, I got them used off here so they were not set up for me. I tossed them on along with the traxx shock and after about 20 min and every clicker avail I pulled them off and put the stock stuff back on to finish the ... more »

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Mine feel pretty magical. Never rode kyb ssf so I can't compare, but they are better than anything else I've ridden by far.

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Will do if I make it. It a 9 hour drive so I'm not committed yet, but I did it two years ago and it was so much fun!

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I'm about to find out, I have CV forks and a race tech re valved stock shock. Hopefully hit washougal old timers national this weekend.

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I liked it, this was one of the first bikes in a while I was happy just riding bone stock for the first 25 hours. They are certainly not on the level of the CV but were good forks.

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I also recently just joined the CV and traxx shock team. I figured with mammoth coming up I'd like to have some a-kit to help my tired ass around that rough ass track. I wound up with a used set outta the bazaar section that only had a couple hours on

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I was just talking with my friends about that while up there, it would be so badass to have a national there, do the amateurs Friday thru Friday, pros Saturday and last amateur day Sunday.

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Dude that was sick!! I had similar success on my 250 two stroke against a gate of 450's. Worst start I got was 4th. https://youtu.be/rPGXiWVXk1o

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Ripped some top three starts on a 250 two stroke. Mammoth was epic this year! https://instagram.com/p/BVfi76cD3F0kH-4UOXRbIvoKqQMAGJGCNK3ia40/

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There is one in the pits at mammoth, so that makes two!

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We are pretty limited up here. Couple good tracks that are invite only and don't always get ridden. Baldy up in Mck is pretty damn fun when the dirt is moist, that's the first three pics. River bar can be fun at times to. Im currently working with Green ... more »

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Is that really true? There is no comparison with me on a 250f vs 250, but I've never really gotten along with 250f's. I recall twmx ran a test with jlaw and he was much faster on a two stroke as well.

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I've done some back to back Motos on both 17's. Now I own the Ktm so I'm sure I'm biased even if I'm not trying to be but to me it's a much better overal package. The yz does have a plusher initial feel, but I'm 100% satisfied with the wp stuff. That

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Funny but it's the opposite for me, I stopped racing my 450 because I can run the same lap times on my 250 but can be more creative with lines and pass someone on a 450 by taking a line that their bike won't allow them to take. I also tire way less on

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I personally like times mains better. But I'd really like to see more dirt and instead of allowing more time to fix the tracks simply buy two-three more skidsteers so they can work more efficiently.