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My dad just retired outta orange. Him and his partners made of the group of board Certified orthopedics at St Joes off the 55 and 22. I’ve personally had Dr. Mora, Dr Beck and my dad put me back together after this. https://youtu.be/aTFF-s64ADY I’d check ... more »

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Reply to Humboldt County MX? 8/22/2018 8:26 PM

I’m lucky enough that I just ride from my house so I haven’t parked there in years, but I think you’ll be fine. You gonna race redwood acres this weekend, tracks pretty limited but it’s still a fun time on a bike.

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There are a ton of entrances to baldy. The easiest would be to park off Murray Rd. Here is a screen shot of the track with gps coordinates. It’s not worth riding until it rains though. Ferndale river bar will be good again once it rains, I’ll be working

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Traveling from northern ca, in a group of five we’ve spent $1,050 each for far. That’s for airfare, RV rental, tickets and camping. We’ve still got a rental car, $500 with of merica apparel, beer, vodka, whisky, air horns, etc. I figure it’ll be $2,500 ... more »

Reply to Why not wait until the end of the Pro MX season to announce the US MXDN team? 8/19/2018 9:56 AM

You can’t go wrong with either three options. Barcia seems like a game time rider that has the ability to step up and has earned 4th in points/2nd American. He also has some pluses over ja and bb, he is a better starter and can take second gate pick ... more »

Reply to YOUR RED BUD Motocross Des Nations Travel Plans ? 8/17/2018 8:07 AM

We’ve got 5 of us flying outta Humboldt in Norcal to Chicago, hopefully renting a sweat minivan and driving straight to lot B where our rent an RV will be waiting for us. Lots of American flag apparel has already been rounded up.

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Funny this threads pops up today. I’m heading into a meeting right now to try and finalize a lease for 40 acres in Loleta. Check out https://instagram.com/p/BkoFlt5goIu/ Hopefully in about 2 hours I’ll have the green light!

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Lol orange is horrible... that’s why I wound up with a 2018 husky tc250. I’ve still got all the stock orange ? stuff. I’ll throw it on and try again, wtf at this point who knows ?

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Lol I hate selling bikes, this is on here and a couple Craigslist areas and not a single phone call

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Dunno where in Canada you are but we head up to Washington pretty often, if you interested in my bike let me know. https://humboldt.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2017-ktm-250sx/6602829157.html Like others have said, it more about the maintance imo and the owner ... more »

Reply to Post your gnarliest injury (not for the squeamish) 7/12/2018 9:35 PM

Had a nasty one back in 2008 https://youtu.be/aTFF-s64ADY

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I owned a mint condition 2006 rm and this was something I also wondered about as well. I absolutely loved that rm250. I decided to sell my 2006 rm and 2015 rmz450 and got a 17 Ktm 250sx. As good as the rm was, there really is no comparison to how much ... more »

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I’ll second that, I never do the qualifiers, just sign up online the day it opens.

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So excited to go bear hunting this year!! Say hi if you see this bike!!

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lol forgot I posted this here, bump

Reply to Fu@k yes, new husky TC250 6/2/2018 12:11 PM

Works pipe just arrived!!

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Come say hi, we’ll be parked with our toyhaulers right by signups. There will be no 100’ jumps, the guy who is in charge/ runs the Facebook has a lot of “big fish” stories....they have also never ran races or even been to motocross races before, as such ... more »

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