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Suspension is on and she’s ready for mammoth!

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Yea the husky has a switch on the handle bars to switch maps, my 2017 ktm I hand to un plug it if I wanted to tame it down.

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It was awesome, I’m a 34 year vet B. I won the 30 plus on Friday but at big event like mammoth I’m 7-12 place guy. Got 22nd and really didn’t ride well, haven’t ridden a small bore in 10 years and only rode it Friday, which was a total mud fest and then ... more »

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I raced Hangtown and it was amazing. For $100 bucks I got my entire weekend entry to watch the pro race, plus a 10-15 min practice Friday, a morning practice Saturday and a 11 min Moto Saturday. The general admission tickets alone were $40 I think, to ... more »

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Thanks for the bump, I forgot about this post!

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This is the same day even at mammoth just between motos and we’re all 3-4 seconds slower second Moto. I know it would be cool to compare Tomac to RC at Hangtown but it’s just never going be accurate.

... more »
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Mammoth hasn’t changed much, but guess what our lap times can vary 2-4seconds a lap just between sat and Sun.

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Yea it’s a hard to get any info. Took me a solid effort to figure out what the deal is. The short answer is yes show up and ride Saturday 10-2, no Sunday. They have a Facebook page where they post schedules, “coos bay rider association” Track is super ... more »

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FYI to all Oregon riders, Riley ranch is open this weekend, pretty fun place that’s only open a couple times a year.

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Exactly boom slang, just get 4 more skidsteers and they can pretty much fix every in the same amount of time.

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2006 San Fran James and Ricky lapped the field. The next race was at SBC Park in San Francisco, and this time the rain showed up and stayed. An epic battle got underway after a holeshot by MDK Honda rider Nick Wey, who hailed from Michigan and was right ... more »

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That’s why I bailed out, horrible return on your money.

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Shit, I just added up my loans on my two business, $23k per month! But it takes money to make money, whether that’s investing in property like I’ve done or into your education like others have done. What’s a bitch is not using the degree, that eats me ... more »

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I 100% feel like my 2018 tc250 has a competitive advantage at 90% of the tracks I ride over any 250f or 450. I race 450’s all the time and just laugh as they have no ability to change direction mid corner like I can on my two stroke. But I know we are ... more »

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Thanks, looked fun. I was all set to do it until I checked the times for the final motos from A2 and Arizona. Being that I live 5 hours north of Oakland I decided to ride club instead and be able to make it home at a reasonable time. Sounds like this ... more »

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Those pesky facts always getting in the way of feelings.

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Lost of good 2009 sx ones as well, more dominating ones where Houston and San Diego and good stew reed battles at salt lake and Jacksonville that year.

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Def use a 6 paddle and since it’s dune specific I’d recommend that over a Mx tire. It’s all about wheel speed in the sand, I’ve found that smaller scoops are actually faster that a paddle with huge scoops.

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With Ktm, it was a pain in the ass. Mainly due to the fact that my dealer is terrible. Both myself and my dealer had to create an online account, athlought not totally straight forward I was able to figure my account part out with a phone call to Ktm ... more »