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Boulders OHV near Lake Pleasant off 74 is less than a half hour away and has a kids playpen area to get the kido started. If you want something closer, I can't say it is 100% legal since I am pretty sure it is within Peoria city limits but there are ... more »

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Those are not AER but the good news is a ton of guys convert AER to KYB so it isn't hard to track down the cartridges to convert any 48mm KTM fork to AER. I have seen the going for as little as 300 bucks lately. I have a set on a shelf just in case. ... more »

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I had The Ride Shop in Phoenix convert my AER 48 to KYB SSS cartridge internals. It is the best setup since the tubes on the WP forks are set up to work with steel frames on KTMs and you keep the Brembos. It was less than 2k including buying the 4cs ... more »

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It sounds like a new promoter bought it from Bonnier and got into a bit of a contract dispute about who needed to do what. Last season was near sold out at the two rounds I attended.

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I have raced this series a few years, but don't hate me if you get there and something doesn't match my answers. The AMRA usually pokes a stick to verify a screen or turbine to test for a spark arrestor. That said, this race is at an off road park and ... more »