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New thread Air jets on motorcycles? 5/22/2018 7:04 AM I'm kinda confused. From the article it says that if you're leaning over in a corner and the bike detects "slippage", an air jet deploys thrust opposite of your ... more »

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New thread Lucas Oil app on Roku for watching nationals? 5/8/2018 7:39 AM

there's no MavTV app that I'm aware of, but I do see the Lucas Oil App. Will this be showing the nationals for roku? Other options for watching?

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New thread Road bikes anyone? 5/3/2018 7:15 AM


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New thread Sweet CL find... 3/27/2018 6:16 AM That is a pretty darn clean '98 smoker...

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New thread just a whiny topic about 4 strokes and modern racing.... 3/17/2018 2:27 PM

Watching RaceDay Live. I'm sure that this has been said a million times over, but the big beef I see with modern SX racing is 2 things: 1. It absolutely blows to watch the riders figure out the fastest line, and then have them ALL capable of doing it! ... more »

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New thread Craigslist find..... 9/13/2017 2:15 PM I know it's premium-priced, but the writing on the tank did it for me. :-)

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New thread Watching the outdoors.... 5/15/2017 9:14 AM

I'm sure this has been discussed, but it's lost in other threads. I have Roku. I have MavTV app, which apparently DOES NOT include Motocross. So you get the LucasRacing app - which is $7/mo. But then it moves to NBC Sports, right? Which is free? Or do ... more »

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New thread a new trend? (team tactics) 5/7/2017 9:53 AM

While watching the race, I was struck by how much time Emig spent explaining how "Grant is Tomac's only ally in this situation" and of course we all know about Musquin-gate from the previous week. I wonder if teams begin to let riders know the "orders" ... more »

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New thread Accurate statement about our skills? 3/20/2017 8:36 AM

was chatting with a buddy the other day and somehow we ended up debating this statement: "Guys that line up and are competitive in motocross are in probably the top 5% of motorcyclists on earth." This does not include the squid that putts around in last ... more »

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New thread Motocross is easy.... 2/22/2017 12:40 PM

I'm sure this has been posted countless times, but I never tire of this video:

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New thread Atlanta track map 2/21/2017 11:02 AM


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New thread 2003 rm60 clutch issue 6/22/2015 8:15 AM

New to me RM60 (kind of weird deal - the name plate on the frame is that it's a KX, but apparently they built 'em and RM put their plastics on them. Anyway, it's basically a KX. Fires right up and purrs. However, I have no clutch. It pulls with tension, ... more »

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New thread hi-res "cornering" pic 11/7/2014 5:06 AM

Kind of a random request, but I'd like a picture for the wall of my office. Ideally, I'd like sweet picture of someone railing a berm. I don't really care who it is in the pic. Got anything that might work?

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New thread Going riding on Sunday..... 12/9/2013 6:50 PM

Long time lurker, first time poster. I raced in Texas in the early to late 80s on 60s and 80s. Did pretty good, also. Got 10th at Ponca one year, and 3rd at Lake Whitney's Texas Championships. I had a friend die on a 250 at Rio Bravo, and mom made me ... more »

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