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jeez - I look forward to hearing the justification for why it got clipped. I'm fairly certain they just make up rules as they go. "JOURNALISM".

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I'm sure this has been posted countless times, but I never tire of this video:

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haha - I misspoke about the 90s. I MEANT 180s. But thank you for calling me out on it :-)

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personally, I hate it. Seems almost a carbon copy of last week's trash track. One lined, no options, tons of 90s, and the whoops of late have been a complete non-issue. As in, the guys jump twice and are all the way through them. Anyway, 54s laps is ... more »

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I think he regrets going out like this the rest of his days. I know that many of you will say that he'll just dive into his pool of money, and that may be true. But he's a competitor at heart and he'll be staring at the ceiling at night for the rest ... more »

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sigh. So the forum rules here are: 1. if it's about someone's boner move on SnapChat, don't talk about it. 2. if someone's agent doesn't like the unscripted responses to an interview, delete it. Do I have it covered? to the OP - this sucks for you. I've ... more »

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this is why supercross is broken, IMO. Back in the day it was so fun to wait for the 250s to come out and hit lines and rhythms that nobody else was hitting. Nowadays, the guys in the LCQ are hitting the same stuff. It's a snoozefest as there's so little ... more »

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Original post made me LOL. Even tough motorcycle guys have some "internet nerd" in we analyze frame-by-frame a crash. KR crashed. He's injured now. That's all that we need to know.

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he's not coming back. There's just no way.

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I have a lot. One that always gives me a chuckle: My younger brother and I tearing around on '60s on some trash track near Corpus Christi, Texas. It was literally just a trail type track out in a field and I came flying around a corner, and he came the ... more »

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LOL. Before I got back to actual dirt bikes, I bought a KLR figuring that might fix my itch. I sold it when I caught myself laying it over in the dirt so much that my pegs were going through the ground. I rode it like a 125, and a KLR weighs about a ... more »

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I know that there are bills to pay, but forcing us to watch a 15 sec video (ad) in order to get to an 8 sec clip is..............ANNOYING.

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I think OP is gone, but I'll chime in. I rode dirtbikes as a kid with my brother in Texas. Competitively. A friend of ours was killed doing it, and Mom said "That's it. Sell 'em." so we did. Horsed around through high school, but missed the dirt. I bought ... more »

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Like I said, I'll be waiting for TheGetFresh to answer my question. Moto-board or not, that was one of the most unbelievably stupid things I've read on the interwebs in a while and had to comment (coming from a guy that rarely comments).

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Ummmm....we evolved lungs from gills? WTH are you even talking about? Please show me definitive proof that we once had gills. I'll be grabbing my popcorn and anxiously awaiting your reply.

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random: in your video, after the 1st tabletop it runs down into a valley. In 1984, I was standing at the berm at the top of the hill as a 10 year old. I watched my friend's older brother run his kx250 straight into the trees on the right. We ran down ... more »

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Newmann - I'm in the SA area, and I have been looking forever for a 1984 KX60. Got one?

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for clarity - bike sits in neutral and starts. You click it down to 1st and the wheel spins. Pull the clutch, the wheel keeps spinning. If you hit the brake, it drops the RPMs and kills the motor.