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I'm sick of getting roost in my eyes whilst trying to film!

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Introducing Josh Norris to the Trole Ind Riders team.

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Trole Industries - Suited Up
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7/19/2012 12:33 PM

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It would be fair to say that this years summer has been the most shocking weather in most people's memory. So it's fairly unfortunate that when Trole Ind Apparel tasked the Bike Team to come up with ideas for this new video back in the spring, the last thing we accounted for was the weather. Pretty stupid being from the UK. Many weeks and months of frustrating unpredictable weather forecasts not to mention flooded tracks and trails. Some very early starts were called for to make use of the good weather we did have. The main thing that we set out to achieve with this video was riding in it's purest form not for bravado or point scoring. Capturing on film a ride that was more of a dream or memory that was about as good as it gets. Perfect weather, no one else on the trail or park just the a rider and the bike and no other reason to be there than being in the moment. It takes a lot of time and patience to get the perfect shot waiting for the sun to breakthrough the trees so the forest lights up in away that only lasts a few seconds. So this video for us has been a real trial of frustration, patience, joy, fun and of course terrible weather. So if your local parks and trails have been under water for the last couple of months we hope this video gives you some sort of hope that good weather is on it's way.

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The winter has been kind to us down here in the south this year. We have dodged most of the subzero blizzard conditions every ones been having. That said it’s still been dark and wet for the past few months. We get a bit bad press down here for having no hills, and generally being a bit soft, but there's a fair few of us kickin around down here who beg to differ. While most of the pretty boys have been tucked up on there turbo trainers watching TV, us lot ave been out being busy. Our main focus has been putting tools in the soil at a new DH spot we found over the summer deep in the chalky southern woods. Between the two of us we have dropped in two new tracks which are both just over 1 and a 1/2 minutes long. Its been a long lonely, with many long solo dig days in the pissin rain. But the fruits have been sweet as the woods have turned out to be packed with loads of original and wild features which are pretty rare to find. The tracks have been perfect to stretch our legs on and get in some speed time on the DH bikes ready for next year. We tried to pack in as much difficulty as possible and still keep in interesting, using the natural features on the hill. Including using some seriously steep gradient which for an area which is supposed to be flat is pretty fun. We are all looking forward to having this much fun as soon as the racing season is back on. See you there! Trole Industries Apparel Trole Industries Bike Team Partners: S2AS Big thanks to MTB Photography Shot on Panasonic Lumix GH2 Canon EOS 550D Music - The Rolling Stones

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