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The guy has a Suzuki logo as his avatar, he obviously isn’t capable of thinking progressively.

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Ripping starts, all are riding great, and the bikes look bitchin’.

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I don’t think Ralph knows 1 rider in this LCQ.

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Those pictures make me sick. So gutted for the kid.

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Hold off on Pulp writing him off.. if I remember correctly they all said it was a 3 rider battle for the title between Roczen, Tomac and Webb. No one has written Webb off.

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Why is everyone surprised about AC crashing? I am cheering for the dude but my goodness, he hasn’t changed his ways since the 250s...I hope he figures something out.

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To me, Diffey and Carmichael just made the race sound more organic, Ralph just seems forced.

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I’m going A-Mart. They can both do very well tonight for fantasy, but Alex has a little less risk I believe.

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I’m a fan of racing, plain and simple. Every time there’s bikes on the track, I will watch it. However, give me Triple Crowns all day. As a fan, much more intense, meaningful racing.

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I agree with the penalty given, I think 2 spots is fine. There are two things that annoyed me about the situation: 1.) He mentioned on the podium that the bike was facing towards the other lane, so he felt like that was the safest way to get going again. ... more »

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Ferrandis, Cooper and McElrath are all at press day. Apparently Star thinks announcing which coast 250 riders will be racing on is the same as a soap opera.

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Exactly. It hasn’t worked for me for about 3 weeks now, and the only response I’ve gotten from NBC Sports is that there are other ways to watch the replays other than through my RokuTV. However, that’s the main reason myself and I’m sure others have ... more »

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I’m with you on McElrath, it blew me away that he isn’t on this list. I don’t have him as my personal title favorite, but I do think he’s a no doubt top 3 finisher on either coast.

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People talk about Stew’s talent on a 125, but dang watching TP199 back in ‘99 & ‘00 on that Suzuki was incredible as well.
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I heard the Star Yamahas are still going to be tripling up it.

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Another bummer about the A1 to St. Louis deal is how some riders that are supposed to race West will get injured, and to save their championship hopes they would run East, but with that schedule it ruins that opportunity.

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I thought it was reasonable to pick him in fantasy with an 11 was I wrong. Zane Merrett was in 11th off the started, fell, was in 35th, and still come back to pass Drake. Just pathetic.

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Maybe he’ll know the rules...

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Any chances of more than one spot? I mean he did jump the entire section, never know with the AMA?!

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Ricky has no idea what he’s talking about. I know that’s nothing new to anyone here, though.