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Didn't Roger have Alessi on not only the famed Suzuki stint but on KTM on the 350F. Crashed out before moto 1 at Hangtown. What a vicious cycle the industry is.

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Would be interesting to hear more about the behind the scenes happenings of the factory teams they were on. Probably fill up a part 2 and 3. Good interview.

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Glad to see Gary on some factory supported bikes. Hope he puts yellow on top the podium all season long.

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I have a couple pair of Spy that won't wear out. Bunch spare lens for them. Couple pair Scott haven't tried yet. Then ran into 100% leaving a trade show and got four more pair for a song. I am stocked for a bit.

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I don't see MXA on many newsstands anymore. Just Dirt Bike, Racer X and Transworld. Dirt Rider has been so thin I thought have the magazine was missing. Have seen this with the car magazines over the past five years. Some disappeared with no notice. ... more »

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Dangerboy has probably one of the best people on his side from the start. His dad knows the industry inside and out. Everyone can armchair judge. All anyone can do is wait and watch. I for one cant wait to see him in the pro class someday. Bet he has ... more »

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Don't forget that Zacho is every bit capable of being at the top in Enduro or GNCC, ISDE, etc. Pretty well rounded rider. Many SX/MX riders cringe and cry of any surface that's not groomed.

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If Honda has so much power. Maybe its shame on them for steering the industry the past 15 plus years. Hard to deny the cost and maint $$ associated with the 4 strokes versus two strokes. Just about all of us or our riding buddies have or had a blown ... more »

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Was looking for a 125 project and found this 08. Didn't need anything done to it,
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I got a 2008 Husky CR125 from original owner. $1200. Needed nothing. Came with new FMF pipe and silencer in the box. Extra shock springs. ASV levers. Front tire was still original. Goes well with my 01 KX250 I got new. Just need more two stroke races. ... more »

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Not many pros will ride a bike that's in an ill state. They get maintained and then some. Someone should jump on that bike.

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Years ago RC and Reed were at a Fox store signing. I took one those MXS Reed Kawi cycles in the case. And RC on a Honda. Gave the Kaw to my wife. She hands it to Reed to sign the look on his face was priceless. RC signed the Honda for me. They both looked ... more »

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I am with TeamGreen

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So Kenny won SX races on orange yellow and red bikes. MX races on orange and yellow. It don't really matter what color of bike he can win on it. As a wiseman said to me. Pretty sure there always been stupid people in large quantities its just this internet ... more »

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I was there. Red flag just killed the race. If that original first moto had went on. Not saying Tomac would won the million but great chance Marv wouldn't have. Saw Tomacs crash and all I could think was wtf this is Kenny all over again just hope nothing ... more »

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Been to so many motorcycle events in Vegas the past 16 years. Including the first Endurocross. Ryan Hughes won. Saw John Dowd win another year. Taddy win over Knight. Taddy dominate for years. I would take people to the finals who would say it was way ... more »

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Tyler was flying. And Jethro still rides a wide track in his 125/150 Machine.

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I still have some JT Yamaha real leather pants. Pretty good condition.

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Plessinger on a 450 Zacho 250 Web on his new 18' 450

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It's a sport. The comments on here are hilarious. Killer Memes also. Bet many of the same people on here crying would still be in line for an autograph at a race saying " I am your biggest fan". If you want to be mad at anything. Hate all the injuries ... more »