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Wasn't it the SX finals his second championship. He won by a few points. Had he not passed a few riders close to the race end. The mudfest year. There wouldn't been a championship. Seems like he has a bigger attitude now. Sort of how he talked about ... more »

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The comments and theories guys come up with. Amazing. Lot of fortune tellers on here spinning crystal balls,

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One benefit of Av gas 100LL is the lead. Its not the cleanest fuel but the lubrication of the lead doesn't hurt. 40-1 on most my two strokes with Redline oil. Easy to get by the gallon. Burns well. 150 hrs on a piston and still was usable on a 200. Not ... more »

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KTM parts will be selling lots of kickstart kits. I put one on an FE501. Complete kit. Glad all my KTM and Husky two strokes came with kickers though. Colors sure have changed on both brands.

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Not easy to slow the whole race down like he did in Vegas. That took some skill. Made for great racing. For the racing fans.

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What people are missing is MW said riders like RC and RV and JS. When the gate dropped they rode whatever the bike was, as it was. Winning was the goal.

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2000 KX500. Setup for desert. FMF pipe and Answer spark arrestor. New Tires. New chain. IMS 3.4 tanks. Scotts damper mount. Steering damper isn't a Scotts. IMS pegs. Skidplate and frame guards. Devol front disk guard. Frame was stripped and painted Kawasaki

... more »

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Some of the posters on here should go make conspiracy Meme's on IG. They sure got the skills for it.

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Its strange how guys allude to Mike W being out at Kawi and now Eli will all of a sudden be in beast mode on out. But he was beast mode when Mike was there the past three years. If Eli was on the 18 KX450 and there was no 19 model things might been lot ... more »

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Makes me wonder how Jason Anderson would fit into the whole mix this season. If Kawi hadn't come out with a new bike for this year. Now that would be a topic especially if Eli had no injuries from A1. Maybe for his riding to be at 10/10th all the time ... more »

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True fans of the sport might remember. James was pro at 16 and winning. By 20 he had 3 125 MX championships and East and West sx titles. Injuries and crashes kept him from more just in that short time span. His win % was still ridiculous. Probably one ... more »

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Should of asked James about Rebull being his personal sponsor and Monster Kawi during his perfect season. Wouldn't be surprised if Eli changes teams this year. Doesn't sound like much has changed at Kawi since JS7 was there as far as management and personal.. ... more »

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Haven't heard it yet. So he wasn't all whiskey'd out?

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I know two women using the CBD oil now. I going use them as my case study for the next few months. One has back and shoulder issues. See her few times a week in Yoga classes. She maybe 50 and in excellent shape. Another is 60 and had shoulder rebuilt ... more »

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Lot guys forced to move up have a short 450 career and then its over. For SX anyways. Could race the nationals but not a lot of money to make in doing that. What are there 12-15 riders making a decent living in the 450 class? Don't see too many empty ... more »

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I was just there drove by the stadium daily. Was going back in May

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supposedly a certain Team Manager went and cried so the whoops were knocked down some earlier in the day.

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Eli to the MXGP's would be epic. Win the MX nationals this summer. Then go after a few World titles. SX isn't what it once was. It may pay the most. No doubt.

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I am ready for the nationals to start. Tracks been so so this SX season. Least outdoors. All sorts room to haul ass and pass.

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When I was young worked at a decent golf course. Had 225 carts charging at night. Course they were all lead acid batteries. The smell emanating from the cart building would take your breathe away. Worst I seen was a spray can dropped across a carts many ... more »