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Tom Morgan has worked on three engines for me now. And I have a few more for him to do. Worth contacting him about your next build. Bikes he has built sure have won a whole bunch of races and Sx and Mx championships.

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Went to look at this 08 CR125. Came with a spare spring in the box. New Protapers, FMF silencer unused. $1400, Paint wasn't even worn off the cases on the 125. Pretty mint condition. Ended up getting an 05 TC250 at same time. Was in pieces ... more »
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Looking forward to more from DC and racerX when the time is right. I've read a considerable amount on MT doing research years ago. Got sidetracked with the actual case. Lot info out there to weave through. Interesting. It's easy to choose sides and make ... more »

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If the VitalMx members here were on the jury for a trial. Just wheel the guy down to the cell lock it and throw away the key. Everyone can go home.

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Excellent post and all the valid points. Whats sad today are the comments alone on any forum or social media that show how people process any news and how they then believe. None of us can change that unfortunately.

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Other than injuries during his career. Broc been so consistent for sponsors and teams. What a shit show Wada is. Look what it did to JS7 career. The fans were all shortchanged and we never see James again. The worst part to the fans especially those ... more »

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Lot good info for the 05-07 here. Isn't it funny how the magazines and internet label a bike as ill handling or a lame engine? If you find a good one for sale really cant go wrong.

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I def will check this out

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Matthes has it when it comes to interviewing. Anyone who has the time or needs to pass the time. Go back through his classics section. Download the riders from the 80s and 90s. Mechanics. Team managers. You will get a whole new respect and picture of ... more »

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Go Listen to PulpMx podcast with Dave Arnold part 1 and 2. Somewhere in there he talks about aluminum frames. "Better" Dave says not what our riders are saying.... "no its what people want.." Interesting business philosophy on new products Honda has. ... more »

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Honda didn't think RC would still have it after missing SX 04 season after knee surgery. Didn't offer up much faith in him for future years. So he went out and 24-0 the MX season as his parting gift to Honda. Roger was glad to have Ricky. Said thanks ... more »

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Winning or not. I was glad to see Barcia get a chance on the factory Yamaha team. People can argue it's not the same bike he had at JGR. I still think a less extensively modified bike from stock is best for most of these riders. All of the tweaks and ... more »

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Mitch said in an interview they made him an offer. And he cant blame Hill for going where they promised a 450 ride. Guess we have to see if that happens. I wanted to see Hill up front battling all season regardless of what color bike he is on.

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Few years back at the Monstercup he sure was hauling ass on the KTM 450.

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Problem is the 450. Can almost do entire track in one gear. Corner out and launch over anything with little run up. How many obstacles can the track builders incorporate that the 250's can still do somewhat safely? Track building is tough today. We just ... more »

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I like DV's Twitter comment. It does ring true. Seems like whatever obstacle on a track that is your slowest. You would work on till it was second nature.

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He has a podcast called Main Event Moto. It's pretty good. And a Producer Joe does a great job putting it together. Give it a listen.

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So Dunge was self trained and won what , 5 championships prior to joining Aldon in 2015. Few years back Bob Hannah said why do riders need a trainer year in and out? If you can't learn what all you need to compete in a year? Becomes a huge money pit. ... more »

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I got that tape back around 82'. Wish I could find it. Possibly mixed in with my BMX Action collection. 78-88. Looked around on net and haven't found anything.

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All about them Benjamin's. Maybe he will do better at Red Bull SR against Ronnie Mac this year on that YZ.