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24 right now. 90, 99, 00, 02, 04 KX500s 01 KX250 03 KX85 04 KDX200 05 KLX110 05 TC250 06 AF500 07 990R 08 Husky Cr125 13' 690R 14 Berg TE300 16 TE125 18 FE501 19 TE150 19 TE300 19 TC125 92 ZX11 93 ZX11 01 ZX12 05 ZX10

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If you are going used. Yam. and can get parts no problem. Any the CR, RM and KX are getting harder and harder to get oem parts for on rebuilds. Not to mention expensive. New bike, KTM and Husky are pretty nice.

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As its marketed more. I now know quite a few using CBD for various injuries and recovery. Its interesting to hear their results. Some swear by the drops other the creams. A few have bought from different local stores. With disappointing results. I am ... more »

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Its all changed over time. I miss the original Step up with the Tomcat laying it down. That era. 15 ft was a big deal. FMX needs the whole stadium. and one minute runs.

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Anderson Webb and Osborne who says he will ride a 250. Doesn't matter to him.

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I have a modded kdx200 with modern suspension. I always thought the bike was lightweight to me anyways. Sure been through lot different terrain with it. Love that bike. Few months ago found a 16' TE125. For $3500. Baby causes sale. Payoff deal. Original ... more »

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I like when MC said Wyatt was too busy chasing tail. The WOT deal with the Honda throttle. That's crazy. Guess that was an early version of traction control.

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Think it was higher more like 70-90 mill in todays stock price. I'd like to seen him stay on Kaw instead of changing bikes so much. Course Kawi would wanted indoor and indoor rides from him. Would been no Bubbas World and summers off.

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Been lot of good info from JT and Matthes past few years on what top riders make or earn. Base pay and energy drink money. Factory bonuses. Gear deals. But holy shit the post on here obvious not everyone gets their "info" from reliable sources.

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It be hard to knock any of the factory bikes today based on engine. Don't see any team at a power deficit. Now chassis. The biggest factor seems to be front end feel A rider either likes the bike or is always searching for a different setup. All year ... more »

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89-04 is same bike. Rear hub and bearing changed along the way. Forks and triple clamp also in the later years. BNG otherwise. Wouldn't say an 88 is identical. From looks of his bike has an 89 KX250 tank that everyone is looking for. A kit forks and ... more »

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Twitch and Hanny both been great interviews. Whiskey has done many excellent interviews and they only been at it six months. We are all fans and want to hear real stories. Keep it up Ping and GL.

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Jeremy is a great ambassador for the sport. Him not racing all this time is pretty shitty. But the 250 class is mainly younger guys going WOT ping ponging off anything in the way.

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More than ten years ago at stateline CA to NV. The mall had a café that was to be built. Evel theme. They had a unit full of his stuff. Including the Skycycle. It was backlit and glassed off, As with most things it wasn't built and the next time I was ... more »

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I put one my spare KX500s for sale and have had two steel frame CR500s and an AF500 Honda offered on trades in a few weeks time. I said nah. Don't need anymore bigbore bikes. I have enough.

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Closer to stock and original looking sells much easier obviously. I have six KX500s. Listed one for sale in Ca and on here and have had minimal traffic. Except for guys wanting to trade Hondas. And I did basically a frame up rebuild on the bike. Needs ... more »

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Be nice to see a full gate of 40 screaming 125s regardless of the years. Really anything produced mid 95 and up can be built as competitive. Just think if we were still in a two stroke era most could afford two bikes easily and race so much more.

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Steve is the ultimate moto fan. Like most guys. But having lived the mechanic life for so long. He sees things we wish we could. The sport would be a lot less entertaining without him.

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Race gas there is pricey!! I been over and dyno tuned cars a few times. Going again next month. 5 gallons of 114 was $80!!! E85 in five gallons was $65. Would loved to be there for the SX. Drive by that stadium daily when I am there.

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A metro cycle cop was talking to me. Says there is a jail built into the new stadium that can hold up to 300 people. Officers been fighting to get on the overtime list for the events when it opens. Outside there will be over 50 officers for traffic and ... more »