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The 447 podcast with Sam Jones was great. What could been with the Hollywood movie and Paramount.

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Just turned 50. Have an 08 Husky Cr125 just freshened. A new 05 KX125 I am saving for later. If I see another good 125 for sale local am always open to another. Like the small bore bikes more than the 250s or 500s I have.

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Ask any Factory team manager. 70-80% rider and the rest is bike. None of the current production bikes setup for any pro rider are at a disadvantage. Bike doesn't ride itself but sure gets blamed.

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Hard to beat Pulpmx. The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX for current interviews. Specials. The Privateer Island is entertaining. Lest anyone think racing at the Pro level is easy. The Steve Matthes Classics are excellent. Probably not an easier way to learn ... more »

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Great episode. GL was good too. Keep bringing in the guest Ping.

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Many of the names listed here have done other podcasts. Its going be hard not to do repeats. Hopefully Ping digs up some guests none of us have ever got to hear. Or in depth. Best examples being Roger and then Bones. So much MX and SX history the fans ... more »

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The episodes have been great. But GL interrupting with every guest gets old. Especially when three sheets to the wind. Ping been killing it. Keep it up.

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Technology of the four stroke has SX where it is. Deathcross. Fine for outdoors. Its not going to change. Heal up JA.

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It doesn't matter what brand of car or bike. There are always those that say its not worth it. I can think of a few vehicles and bikes that if still made and available new today. Would buy more than one.

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You can definitely get a used two stroke and go through the whole bike. But you are still with a used bike essentially. If you want a modded bike in the end better off building it. Least with that CR everything is new. For whats that worth. Guessing ... more »

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what are you breaking in the trans? any pics of the failed parts. Friend of mine machines and builds rally car trans. I have had him do a few 500 and a 250f trans for me. Detail gear work, shotpeening and treating.

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Really hard to beat Pulpmx. Steve Matthes show on Racerx. And the Steve Matthes show Classics. Too many the other podcasts are filled up with banter for me. Did Main Event moto from the start finally dropped it. DMX I will download if they interview ... more »

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3rd is like a win. Sure better than being -25 points.

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Retired RV is the best...

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Kawi has spent lots time and money on him as a 250 rider. Nothing wrong with having him on the 450. Easier transition than a rider from a different brand. Be interesting what happens when AC moves up.

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I been to all the MEC but didn't bother this year. Event has lost its appeal and not all of the top SX riders are going to race.

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I have had Acuvue lenses. Now I have Air Optrix. They are advertised to breathe better. Being in the desert riding or on the dual sports. I always carry solution and spare pair lenses. Especially being out all day. Few drops when making stops keeps eyes ... more »

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Isn't Grant Staying with Kawi as a test rider? Been multiple sources say he is an excellent test rider and will help with development. Think people forgot how important of a position that is. Can't always expect the riders training nonstop to be able ... more »

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Batting zero for three with that spot on the team so far. Deano, ( injured) Canard ( injured) Tickle (dismissed) Sooner or later their luck has to turn around. Find out soon enough.

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The Husky are underrated. They may not be for everyone. After all the dealers need to keep moving four strokes the average guy can't afford to rebuild nor has the skills and tools to work on. It's evolution. Not racing nor worried about resale myself. ... more »