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Had a mint 95 501 then a 96 supermoto 501 15 years ago. Bikes were bitchin. No electric start. About only bike I have owned it was sort of needed. Bought a 14 berg. Next thing I know I bought three more 09-11s. Love them.

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Gonna bet PRI is out. Company I know that exhibits at Sema told me yesterday he expects anytime to hear it’s announcement.

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Would been my 23rd show in a row. Will miss the Apex show the most though.

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Crank works in AZ. Excellent work

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Been using Star Tron for almost 20 years. Have met the founder of the co. Stuff works. Funny story he tells me why he even came up with the idea and formulation. Got tired of flying down to the islands and his scooters at his house. Would never run. ... more »

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Friend of mine was killed back in May in PA. Drunk and drugged up F’ck hit him head on. Two lane road. He was cycle training. Lifeflighted him but didn’t make it. Driver was caught later that day. Still drunk driving.

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I have bought seven bikes from 3 Bro’s now. If you call there ask for Ed.

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He said this week he had already spent three weeks on outdoors prep and testing. Before going back on SX for two weeks before SLC. Sounds like he is ready more this year than recent years. Now ad on the time between SX and outdoors in July. Three times ... more »

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He has said he would like to race the GP’s before retiring. Be nice to see him do it while he still younger.

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You mean a more oxygenated fuel than what they already run?

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They are only new like that once. For the collector sure beats doing a restoration.

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Nice build!!!!!

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I have a new 05 KLX110 and I think I paid $1600. Sitting next to the fireplace. Crazy prices today.

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I have a brand new 04 KX500. Not in the crate though. So technically that makes it used?

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Have had six 125s. And a 150. Still have all the Huskies. 80 YZ125 82 YZ125 83 YZ125 08 Husky CR125 16 Husky TE125 19 Husky T 125 19 Husky TE150 The 80 aircoled was .060 over and ported. Damn it was fast. Wish I still had it.

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Wonder if Ca still had a Gov similar to Arnold how different things would be today. It sure has changed since he left office.

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Having been run over and many crashes in BMX as a kid. Then a rollover when pushed off the freeway by a semi. My back was a mess. Always in shape from biking and motocross. All the pinched nerves finally slowed me down. Had a really good chiro who did ... more »

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Excellent podcast. Matthes brings people on who have a great history the other pods never think of.

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If MC left Kaw and RC went back to Kaw as a brand guy. Would be epic. Course we won't see that happen.

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Maybe when JGR is done. One of the moto journalist will do a great story on the lifespan of JGR. All the riders they have had. How the operation worked. Am sure many would be interested in the story. Matthes would be a great choice or Weege to put it ... more »