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So in the World Endurocross final there was some questionable moves made by Colton to win the championship. And now the US championship albeit only a three round series. Jumping and landing on a yellow near workers. Ironic. More of the Extreme enduro ... more »

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Perhaps many of the broken KX500 frames, the stock unbalanced engine didn't help. Tyler has 450 suspension that has to help cushion any landing out by a margin. I have a factory reinforced frame. Balanced engine and its pretty smooth. Course not jumping ... more »

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If you have the right year KTM its not hard to make it a 200...... Peak power number on the dyno is only part of the equation for a 125. Be interesting to see more comparisons of the late model 150s vs any the heavy modded 125/134/144.

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Any KTM 250 at RBSR is most likely with a 300 cy. Just like last year.

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I originally bought some extra two strokes as I am not a four stroke fan aside from my dual sport and adventure bikes. Didn't get them to make money someday. Reality is parts are and will continue to be difficult to get to rebuild them. Part numbers ... more »

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Whiskey Throttle gets some of the best moto guys on for interviews. But GL definitely puts a damper on getting to actually hear the guest answer. This far in it probably wont change. Ping is excellent.

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Almost everyone I have known in CA is gone from the state. Save for a few waiting to retire. Then bail. Many miss the weather. None miss much else.

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The Gary Bailey videos on youtube of Travis on his own SX track in the woods by his house. Bitchin. Anyone who thought Travis wasn't serious about SX on a 250. Love watching TP ride.

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on a Honda yes. Till 15'. Then the tables turned till he blew the shoulders out. Had Dunge and Eli duked it out that entire season. Could been exciting.

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For those watching closely. What parts did DV toss in that trash can.

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80s era is hard to beat in MX and SX. Hopefully Ping and GL get some in for a session who lived it. Sure beats many the pods today shuffling the same info around of the weekly scene. Keep it up Ping.

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I wonder what the power difference is between a stock and the Works Edition 450 is. Would been interesting to see a comparison both bikes same day same dyno. Both with say an hour break in time on them.

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I went to the first endurocross when Ryno won. Then all the finals up through Taddys 5th championship. Lot exciting races at the Orleans.

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Taddy's last year racing EX in the US was still plaqued with effects from a few crashes. He didn't get back to full form. The World EX series he sure looked back up to speed the last few years. Not to mention all the extreme Enduro events.

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His bikes suspension sure didn't look as smooth as Kennys today.

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ET's suspension didn't look so plush. Kennys was like a caddie.

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24 right now. 90, 99, 00, 02, 04 KX500s 01 KX250 03 KX85 04 KDX200 05 KLX110 05 TC250 06 AF500 07 990R 08 Husky Cr125 13' 690R 14 Berg TE300 16 TE125 18 FE501 19 TE150 19 TE300 19 TC125 92 ZX11 93 ZX11 01 ZX12 05 ZX10

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If you are going used. Yam. and can get parts no problem. Any the CR, RM and KX are getting harder and harder to get oem parts for on rebuilds. Not to mention expensive. New bike, KTM and Husky are pretty nice.

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As its marketed more. I now know quite a few using CBD for various injuries and recovery. Its interesting to hear their results. Some swear by the drops other the creams. A few have bought from different local stores. With disappointing results. I am ... more »

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Its all changed over time. I miss the original Step up with the Tomcat laying it down. That era. 15 ft was a big deal. FMX needs the whole stadium. and one minute runs.